Term Limits Camouflage


The debate over extending legislative term limits in Arkansas is only just beginning. Unfortunately, that debate has been diluted: in this year’s legislative session, the legislature opted to couple term limits extension measure with ethics reform. The amendment’s ballot title says nothing about extending term limits. Instead, it mostly discusses ethics reforms and then, in the last line, says it is intended to “establish” term limits. This, to say the least, has concerned many conservatives … [Read more...]

Just Saying Hello (And Those Other Guys Suck!)


Last week, an email with the subject line “Just Saying Hello” went out to legislative supporters of the “private option”/Medicaid expansion. The email was from State Rep. John Burris. He began this missive by explaining that it lacked “a real motive or specific request.” It’s real cute. You should read it: Hey all, This is an email to those who voted "yes" on the DHS appropriation that included the Private Option spending authority. I don't have a real motive or specific request. I just … [Read more...]

Breaking Down The 2013 Freedom Scorecard (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast, Dan gives us a quick Obamacare update and then we launch into a full rundown of the 2013 Arkansas Freedom Scorecard. Here are some articles we discuss: White House in Obamacare panic HHS encourages insurers to fix Obamacare problems 2013 Friends of Freedom in the AR legislature … [Read more...]

Westerman: My Plan Was “Cover Taxpayers’ Pocketbooks”

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This morning in Hot Springs, Arkansas House Majority Leader Bruce Westerman announced he will seek the Republican nomination for the 4th Congressional District. Westerman spoke to supporters at the Garland County Republican Headquarters before addressing the press. He began his remarks by saying, “We are called to be free,” adding that “it’s our duty to use our freedom to serve others.” Westerman said that while liberals in Arkansas and Washington talk about “progress,” the only progression … [Read more...]

Et Tu, Republicans? No Meaningful Tax Cuts For Arkansans


For many weeks, the people of Arkansas have been led to believe that once the legislature passed Medicaid expansion, it would then produce significant tax relief. We have documented these assurances in our previous coverage -- and repeatedly emphasized that the cuts were in no way linked to Medicaid expansion as a matter of policy, but perhaps only as a matter of politics. Boy, were we right. As you probably know, the Senate signed off on funding for Medicaid expansion yesterday, signaling … [Read more...]

Voter ID Veto Override Delayed Despite 77% Support

77 percent support voter ID

Two days ago, the Senate overrode Governor Beebe’s veto of the voter ID bill, SB2. The House was scheduled to vote on the override yesterday, but the vote was delayed. On Twitter, Rep. Stephen Meeks -- who carried the bill on the House side -- told me the vote was delayed due to a “LONG calendar.” A previous tweet from Rep. Meeks said the issue was not being brought up in order to allow legislators to get home early for Easter weekend. Perhaps, however, there is more to the story. On … [Read more...]

Talking Obamacare, Medicaid Expansion With Paul Harrell


Yesterday I went on The Paul Harrell Program for our weekly segment. We spent the duration of the segment discussing Medicaid expansion, The B-S Plan, and how Arkansas can stop Obamacare. You need to hear this: … [Read more...]

Church Protection Act Passes the House, Heads to The Beebe

Rep. Bell, the Gnome of Mena, wielding his fully automatic Glock assault rifle.

Yesterday, the House passed SB71, “The Church Protection Act,” which we have been following for a few weeks now. It was a landslide: 85 for and only 8 votes against, with 7 not voting. See how your legislators voted by clicking here. I would remind you (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) that the bill will not mandate that churches allow concealed carry. In fact, the bill's default rule is that concealed carry is still prohibited unless a church specifically decides to allow … [Read more...]