Cooper: Transparency, Tax Reform Should Be Priorities for Legislature

John &  Sue 2011 118-1

Jonesboro resident John Cooper has announced his intentions to seek election to the state House of Representatives in 2014 in District 59. Cooper challenged incumbent Rep. Butch Wilkins in 2012 (yes, that Butch Wilkins) and lost narrowly. Term limits prohibit Wilkins from seeking re-election. Several factors suggest that Cooper has a good chance to win: in addition to Cooper's narrow loss last year, pro-Obama Democrats are less likely to turn out in 2014 like they did in 2012. These factors … [Read more...]

The Legislature Is In Session. Yay.


Today, the illustrious and magnificent 89th General Assembly convened for the first time. New legislators were sworn in. Tears were shed. Hearts were touched. Taxes raised. Sorry, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Okay, but seriously, there’s hopefully some good stuff around the corner. Who knows, maybe tax reform, maybe school choice; maybe some actual solutions our state’s Medicaid crisis? A guy can dream. In addition to the swearings in, Speaker of the House Davy Carter announced … [Read more...]

Arkansas Congressional Hopeful Tom Cotton Secures Coveted ‘Weekly Standard’ OK (Updated!)

Your recommended reading for this hazy August morning is this adoring Weekly Standard profile of Tom Cotton, a possible GOP candidate for the Arkansas Fourth District Congressional seat now that Rep. Mike Ross isn't running for reelection. A taste: The list of well-known conservatives preparing to support Cotton reads like a Who’s Who of the movement. His former professors at Claremont are as much in awe at the prospects of Cotton in Congress as his old sergeant in Iraq. “You have to remember … [Read more...]