The Private Option: Let’s Quit While We’re Behind


Anyone interested in the intersection of law and politics that Arkansas’s private option creates should remember what Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote more than a century ago – namely, that a good lawyer must be able to speak intelligently about what courts will do in the future, not just about what they’ve done in the past. Yesterday, at the joint meeting of the state legislature’s Public Health Committee, attendees saw an excellent example of Holmes’s dictum. The experts who testified before the … [Read more...]

Your Christmas Gifts From Government!


Not to ruin your Christmas or anything, but would you like to know what gifts your federal government bought you this year? Put the eggnog down for just a minute (you’ll need it after you finish reading this) and check out this neat list of things your government bought with your tax dollars in 2013: Enjoy all of your new toys! And Merry Christmas from The Arkansas Project! … [Read more...]

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas, Obamacare Brought To Me: Ten Broken Promises

Obama santa hat

Not to ruin your Christmas or anything, but would you like to read about ten of Obamacare’s broken promises? Probably not, but I’m going to share a few of them with you anyway. The following promises/quotations are from President Obama, followed by a statement of reality from our friends at The Heritage Foundation: Promise #1: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period.” Reality: Millions of Americans have lost and will lose their coverage due … [Read more...]

Do We Need Obamacare To Cover “Pre-Existing Conditions?”


Contrary to what some folks in Washington would have you believe, there is a way to help people with pre-existing conditions obtain health insurance without using Obamacare to do it. Our friends over at The Heritage Foundation, for example, suggest one approach that I found particularly interesting: establishing high-risk insurance pools in the states. Interestingly, as Heritage points out, 35 states already have these high-risk pools. They are specifically designed to cover folks with … [Read more...]

Mike Ross Voted To Not Let You Keep Your Insurance Plan (If You Liked It)

Mike Ross celebrating with former Congressman Anthony Weiner after Obamacare cleared House committee.

Millions of Americans are losing their health insurance because their existing plans do not meet Obamacare's minimum standard requirements. The Heritage Foundation estimates that 1.5 million Americans have already lost their plans; but the American Enterprise Institute is now estimating that as many as 100 million Americans could lose their insurance when a second wave of cancellations hits next fall. The real tragedy is all of this could have been avoided. Sure, Congress could've declined to … [Read more...]

Broken Obama Promise #5142: Obamacare Isn’t Increasing Insurance Competition


Our friends over at The Heritage Foundation have released some new numbers about the latest Obamacare calamity: its destruction of competitive insurance markets. In 2009, President Obama said: My guiding principle is, and always has been, that consumers do better when there is choice and competition. That’s how the market works. Unfortunately, in 34 states, 75 percent of the insurance market is controlled by five or fewer companies. In Alabama, almost 90 percent is controlled by just one … [Read more...]

Heritage Has A Plan That Could Actually Fix Healthcare


Supporters of Obamacare love to instruct us all that we can’t repeal this disastrous law because people will be left without health insurance, people with cancer won’t be able to get treatment, etc. Unfortunately, it appears increasingly likely that Obamacare will actually exacerbate many of the problems it has sought to relieve (such as uncompensated care costs and lack of access to doctors). Supporters of the law also love to explain that those who call for Obamacare’s repeal are pursuing a … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor Said I Could Keep My Insurance. He Was Wrong.

Obama and Pryor

In 2009, after Obamacare passed the U.S. Senate, Senator Mark Pryor sent out a news release, bragging about the benefits of Obama’s plan: Elements of this package will drive down costs for families, small businesses, and government; protect and expand an individual’s choice of doctors and insurance plans without any government interference; and assure affordable, reliable healthcare for every Arkansan.” But Mark Pryor was wrong, on all accounts. Costs are going up, choices are going down, … [Read more...]