On The Tenth Day Of Christmas, Obamacare Brought To Me: Ten Broken Promises

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Not to ruin your Christmas or anything, but would you like to read about ten of Obamacare’s broken promises? Probably not, but I’m going to share a few of them with you anyway. The following promises/quotations are from President Obama, followed by a statement of reality from our friends at The Heritage Foundation: Promise #1: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period.” Reality: Millions of Americans have lost and will lose their coverage due … [Read more...]

Cooper, Rockwell Advance In Jonesboro Runoffs

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Tonight, in the Jonesboro special Senate election runoffs, John Cooper (R) and Steve Rockwell (D) defeated their opponents to advance to the general election on January 14th. Cooper, a former businessman, defeated Republican Dan Sullivan by 67 votes (1486-1419). Rockwell defeated Democrat Radius Baker by 24 votes (1215-1191). In a statement, Cooper said he was excited about the upcoming debate: I'm excited about debating ethics reform, healthcare, and ways to limit government spending. My … [Read more...]

Where Does Dan Sullivan Stand On The “Private Option?”

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As you probably know, the special Senate election in Jonesboro has been pared down to four candidates -- two from each party. On the Republican side, John Cooper and Dan Sullivan have advanced to the November 12 runoff election. The question of Medicaid expansion in Arkansas (dubbed the ‘private option’) played a central role in the initial primary election. I interviewed all the Republican candidates, asking them whether they would support or oppose this aspect of Obamacare implementation. … [Read more...]

Well, The ‘Private Option’ Is In Trouble

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Earlier in the week, State Rep. Ann Clemmer announced her candidacy for Congress. During remarks after her announcement, Clemmer told reporters: I think that with everything that has gone on in D.C., my expectation is there will be no immediate implementation of the private option. Because there are too many unknowns in D.C., I think the whole thing may be frozen.” Clemmer attributed the delay rumors to State Senator David Sanders, an architect of the “private option.” But Sanders was quick … [Read more...]

Memo To GOP Legislators: We Tried To Warn You


Back during the debate over Medicaid expansion (which lawmakers attempted to rebrand as "the private option"), this blog, in conjunction with the Advance Arkansas Institute, cautioned conservative lawmakers. We told them that if they collaborated with liberals by implementing Obamacare, that would take the issue off the table in the 2014 election. That's not to say that policy decisions should be purely political. They should ideally be based on the merits: what's in the best interest of the … [Read more...]

Pryor: Obamacare Is “Amazing Success Story”


Just hours after gaining a formidable Republican opponent, embattled U.S. Senator Mark Pryor told 40/29 News that Obamacare “has been an amazing success story so far.” Ummm...OK. Unless you count the fact that the majority of states have refused to implement an exchange. And the delay of the employer mandate. And the delay of the small business exchange. And over a third of states refusing to expand Medicaid. And the delay of enrollment in high-risk pools. And the repeal of the … [Read more...]

This Week’s Podcast: Renaming the “Private” Option

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Dan is out of town, spreading the message of liberty across our great nation, so you're stuck with me again for this week's podcast. We dive into the latest "private" option news, including an analysis of two op-eds that were written on the subject by members of the Arkansas House. I contend we need a more accurate name for this boondoggle. Let us know if you have suggestions. Here are some of the stories I discuss this week: Private option collapsing without "competition" Rep. Doug … [Read more...]

The Impending Collapse of the Private Option


You’ll probably remember that the “private option” – the Medicaid expansion that our legislature approved at the end of the session – was sold to the public on the theory that it would save money through market competition. Now that Arkansas legislators have voted for one of the biggest expansions of our state government in history, the facts are starting to come out. “Private option” providers won’t be providing policies on the Obamacare exchange – instead, they’ll be relegated to an … [Read more...]