Arkansas State Police Oppose Second Amendment


The House Judiciary Committee heard HB1408, The Open Carry Act, this morning. Before the bill was presented, it was amended heavily to allow open carry only outside of incorporated cities. Another amendment also provided a protection for carriers who accidentally had their gun exposed. During questioning on the accidental exposure amendment, Rep. John Walker posed this hypothetical: what if someone is at a sporting event and they trip and fall, accidentally exposing their gun? This could … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Stories of 2012

2012 review pig

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve so everyone’s doing those “year in review” type things, and we just can’t resist the urge to jump in. Furthermore, producing one of these is much easier than writing a substantive article, especially considering that the eggnog hasn’t quite worn off yet. So, here you have it: a look at the absolute, without a doubt, bar-none top stories of 2012, provided to you by The Arkansas Project (in terms of web traffic, not quality of content -- because God knows this list would … [Read more...]

Arkansas Roundup, October 5

Here's a look at the news & views from around the Natural State this week: Scalped: While discussing immigration policy at a recent town hall meeting, congressional candidate Gene Jeffress somehow ventured into the political minefield known as "Native American history." Jeffress was unable to escape unscathed, calling Native Americans "cochises" in his remarks. See the full video here from us, The Arkansas Project. Executive Privilege: Governor Mike Beebe is continuing to polish his new … [Read more...]