(Still) MISSING: House Democrats’ Ethics Plan

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Last week, Arkansas House Democrats made a few ripples in the political pond by announcing that they support ethics reform in Arkansas! In fact, they formed an ethics caucus that is “tasked with strengthening their push for ethics reform.” Hooray! Strangely, however, more than a week has gone by -- but not a single Democratic legislator has been willing to go on the record to announce the details of their plan. We have repeatedly attempted to contact two “leaders” of the ethics caucus for … [Read more...]

House Democrats Announce Bold, New, Entirely Content-Free Ethics Initiative


I favor stronger ethics laws; you favor stronger ethics laws; we all favor stronger ethics laws -- even Hudson Hallum favors stronger ethics laws. So when I see a news release that explains that the state's House Democratic Caucus is forming "a special committee tasked with strengthening their push for ethics reform," I am initially unimpressed. That's because, until these legislators are willing to explain what it is they want to do, I am going to draw the reasonable conclusion: namely, that … [Read more...]

The Health Care Boondoggle: Medicaid Doesn’t Improve Health Outcomes


Any government program is, by definition, a failure -- unless it improves peoples’ lives. Some conservatives think that improving people’s lives through government is difficult at best (and sometimes impossible), and that the burden of proof is on the advocates of social programs to demonstrate that they truly help people. I tend to agree. So I watched in disbelief as many Arkansas Republican legislators recently went along with Governor Beebe’s plan to expand the Medicaid program -- dumping as … [Read more...]

Confirmed: Representative Leding Has Not Called Me Back

Sherlock Leding, in search of scandal.

It has been well over 24 hours now and I am yet to hear back from Rep. Greg Leding about his claim that a Republican Senator, while speaking on the Senate floor, said "voter ID will help elect Republicans." You would think that, if this statement was made, Rep. Leding would be anxious to tell the world all the details -- or at least be willing to tell me specifics of what was said and who said it. Nevertheless, my calls, voicemails, and tweets have been ignored. As I mentioned yesterday, I … [Read more...]

An Ad Hominem in Search of a Target That Doesn’t Exist


Yesterday afternoon, State Rep. Greg Leding took to the twittosphere to claim that a Republican state Senator "speaking on the Senate floor, did in fact say that voter ID will help elect Republicans." In fact, Rep. Leding didn't just send a frivolous tweet -- he said the quote was "Confirmed:" Confirmed by who? And who said it? And what exactly did they say? I was in the Senate gallery for the full discussion on voter ID -- I never heard any such comment. In addition, I have video of … [Read more...]