Report: Undercover Agents Fraudulently Enroll In Obamacare

Sowell (Replacing Fire)

A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals that Obamacare (*gasp*) is highly susceptible to fraud. According to the Associated Press: Congressional investigators using fake identities were able to obtain taxpayer-subsidized health insurance under President Barack Obama's law... The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office says its undercover investigators were able to get subsidized health care under fake names in 11 out of 18 attempts. The GAO is still paying … [Read more...]

A Bad Week For Obamacare and Mark Pryor (Podcast)

This week on the show: POLL: Just 13% of Arkansas GOPers support Arkansas Obamacare AR blogger ignores the biggest news in this poll Davy Carter says a vote for Obamacare is a vote against Obamacare Obamacare PO architect loves conservative buzzwords GAO: $14.4 billion for Medicaid fraud last year Cotton camp responds to misleading storm ads Pryor camp dupes property owner into using land for attack ad … [Read more...]

Bowen Law School: LEAPing Away From Facts

LEAPing Away From Facts

Our previous coverage of UALR-Bowen Law School’s affirmative action program, LEAP, revealed that the program admits marginally qualified students to the law school after they have been initially rejected. After we broke the news about the original program’s constitutionally questionable nature, the law school issued a statement entitled “LEAP – Your Questions Answered.” Unfortunately, the statement evades questions rather than answering them. The statement explains: The [LEAP] program seeks … [Read more...]

See How Much Obamacare Has Increased Your Premiums

Obamacare Increase 259

The Manhattan Institute has released a new tool that will allow Americans to see how much the disastrous Obamacare law has increased their health insurance premiums. The new interactive map, available for free on MI’s website, allows users to search by clicking on their home state and county, or by entering their zip code. The nationwide map is also color-coded to indicate which states have seen the highest spikes in health insurance premiums. Arkansas is in the priciest tier of states -- … [Read more...]

Toy Yoda & The Clintons (Podcast)

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This week on the show: We were promised "health savings accounts." Instead, we're getting this. U of A cracks down on access to Clinton files … [Read more...]

A Closer Look at Changing Arkansas’s Regulatory Culture

Regulation Nation Red Tape

I recently spoke with Peter Van Doren of the Cato Institute about how cost-benefit analysis of regulation might work. As I mentioned yesterday, gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson has expressed support for reviewing regulations in this manner. Van Doren told me that the journal he edits, Regulation, has published several articles about cost-benefit analysis at the federal level. Robert Hahn, who was then an economist at the American Enterprise Institute, proposed a new congressional office … [Read more...]

Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Obamacare Enrollees May Be Ineligible

Obamacare DMV

A series of politically-driven, unilateral delays in the Obamacare law (the Affordable Care Act) are now snowballing into a national disaster. Last week, Josh Archambault and I wrote at Forbes about the myriad of eligibility problems that are plaguing state Medicaid programs, thanks in large part to Obamacare. Because of the income verification eligibility delay the Obama administration handed down last summer, states are having a hard time determining which individuals are eligible for … [Read more...]

Friday The 13th For Taxpayers (Podcast)

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This week on The Arkansas Project Podcast: Private-option enrollees are thankful for "free" stuff Optumas projected only 123,500 PO enrollees this year 'Private' Option enrollment now at 187,000 PO enrollees jumping from private insurance to "free" insurance Flashback: AR could become "a candy land of entitlements" Flippo victory creates political aftershocks Pryor attacks Cotton on "equal pay" A closer look at "paycheck fairness" … [Read more...]