Those Lincoln Numbers

Blanche Lincoln

By now you've likely seen those rather weak poll numbers that show Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln...well, kinda sucking. The liberal leaning firm that conducted the survey, Public Policy Polling, notes in their news release that Lincoln's 45 percent approval rating is "tepid." She shows leads over potential GOP challengers Gilbert Baker and Tim Griffin, but still polls below 50 percent in the head-to-head match-ups. Says PPP boss Dean Denham: "These numbers don't exactly indicate that Lincoln … [Read more...]

Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 24

Arkansas Project publisher David Kinkade regales Young Republicans with tales of his adventures.

If you didn't make it to the Central Arkansas Young Republicans lunch where I was speaking in Little Rock today, that's probably for the best, because we just ended up talking about you and making fun of you behind your back. So if you'd been there it would have been really awkward. Rubber Stamp: Sharp take on the "superfluous" Arkansas legislature from blogger Mark Moore: "There is no need to even have a legislature under their current operational philosophy." (Arkansas Watch) Painfully True: … [Read more...]

The 2010 Polling Begins?

Call me!

Too early for 2010 polling? Oh, dear heavens no, my friend. I just took a call off my desk phone in which a recorded voice of some nice man invited me to field a few questions. The survey was comprised of nine questions focused on Sen. Blanche Lincoln, potential GOP challengers Gilbert Baker and Tim Griffin, some other Arkansas Democratic officials, and, believe it or not, Rush Limbaugh. All the questions are listed at the jump. Then there were the usual demographic questions about race, … [Read more...]

Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 18

Gilbert Baker

Drafty: Blogger Rett Hatcher launches the "Draft Gilbert Baker for Senate" movement. Even includes a rockin' music video to get your blood pumping. (Run Gilbert Run) Enough: Look, Arkansas newsguys, you can keep reporting on the progress of the lottery legislation, but I'm not going to read it or pay attention. I thought I'd made that clear. (AP) Moneychangers: Sen. Blanche Lincoln has had it up to here with these Wall Street fat cats and their taxpayer-funded bonuses, boy howdy. (Arkansas … [Read more...]

Baker, Beebe Bury Hatchet

Baker and Beebe: Making Nice

From the 'All's Well That Ends Well' Category: GOP Sen. Gilbert Baker and Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe, long at odds over Baker's campaigning for Beebe's Republican opponent in 2006, met last week to clear the air and put all this a'fussin' and a'feudin' behind them. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Seth Blomelely reports on the meeting, which I have reason to believe was very gracious: "He was very gracious,” said Baker, the expected Senate chairman of the Joint Budget Committee for the 2009 … [Read more...]

Brummett on Baker vs. White: “Whatever”

Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett wrote a good column last week examining the much-ballyhooed Senate race in District 30 between Sen. Gilbert Baker (R) and challenger Joe White (D), which has emerged by default as "The Big Race" in Arkansas in 2008. Brummett, challenged by Democrats who want him to endorse White, continues to scratch his head today and finally decides that there's less here than meets the eye. (Apparently, Arkansas Project readers agree, as our "Debate Squad" entry … [Read more...]

ArkProject Debate Squad: Baker vs. White

Last week we tried our first Arkansas Project Debate Squad experiment with a look at the race in District 67 between Rep. Steve Breedlove and John Van Gorder. I was pleased with the response, so let's do it again. Today, let's focus in on the big race in central Arkansas, where Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker is slugging it out with Democratic challenger Joe White. This has been the premier race in the state in 2008, which isn't saying much, leading columnist John Brummett to ask in a weekend … [Read more...]

Baker, White Debate in Conway

In other news related to state legislative races, Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker and his Democratic challenger Joe White went head-to-head in a candidates' debate at the University of Central Arkansas on Wednesday, and the Log Cabin Democrat's Joe Lamb has the report. On the agenda: accountability and transparency at UCA; scholarships; lotteries; economic development; wet/dry vote for Faulkner County; sustainable development; and who loves Gov. Mike Beebe the most. Last week, Baker and White … [Read more...]