AAI Announces Freedom Scorecard for State Legislators

friends of freedom

Today, the Advance Arkansas Institute has unveiled its latest masterpiece: Arkansas’s Freedom Scorecard.  The Scorecard ranks the voting record of Arkansas legislators based on their support for liberty and good government. The report rates legislators on six different values: economic freedom, education reform, good government, personal liberty, small government, and tax/budget policy.  Then the scores for these six categories are combined into an overall score.  The report notes that … [Read more...]

Senator Gilbert Baker Announces the Hiring of Former Huckabee for President National Press Secretary Alice Stewart


Arkansas Sen. Gilbert Baker, frontrunner in the 2010 GOP primary race to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln, announces today that he's hired former Mike Huckabee spokeswoman Alice Stewart as his campaign mouthpiece. It's all in a news release with a comically long headline, which I liked so much I pasted it in as the title for this post. She'll be serving as deputy campaign manager and communications director. Full statement at jump. Alice was last seen here on the … [Read more...]

2010 Senate Money Race: Who Can We Send To the Deadpool?


The Tolbert Report is rounding up some of the financial reports from various Arkansas candidates for U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, so to supplement Jason's efforts I've created this handy graph of the financial performance of several of the Senate candidates. So who will survive for another quarter, and which of these walking wounded campaigns should we be shuffling off to the deadpool? Here's what this graph tells us: If you're over on the left side of the graph, your … [Read more...]

Lincoln Pulls in $1.2 Million in Q3

Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln reports another strong fundraising quarter, with $1.2 million for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, and a total of $4.13 million on hand. From the Lincoln campaign: * For the 3rd quarter (July 1 – September 30, 2009), the campaign will report total receipts of $1,210,919; * Individuals accounted for more than 58 percent of the total contributions for the quarter; * The campaign reported $4,129,747 cash on hand at the close of the period, September 30; * Since … [Read more...]

Baker’s In! He’s In! He’s In!

Gil "Bert" Baker

Eeeeeeeeee! After months of annoying vacillation, Arkansas Sen. Gilbert Baker has pulled the trigger, announcing today that he is, indeed, jumping into the increasingly crowded Republican primary for U.S. Senate to earn a shot at challenging embattled Democratic U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln. (Politico lists Lincoln on their "August Recess Casualty List." Ouch.) Full statement from Baker at jump. Your move, Tom Cotton.... Here's the full running list of announced, considering and … [Read more...]

Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 21

McDaniel: Only AGs Have Wings

Me: MIA these last few days. You: Very sad and missing your beloved 'Stuff From Around Arkansas' round-ups. Let's set that right. Join me, won't you? 2010 Watch: Gilbert Baker: "Saaay, I just might run for U.S. Senate after all! And Doyle Webb shouldn't go around talking about people's sexuality, because that is totally queer." (Arkansas News Bureau) Sense of Rumor: Rep. Vic Snyder says he will run for re-election in 2010, so quit going around saying that he won't. You know who you are. … [Read more...]

Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 14

Run, Gilbert, Run?: In radio interview, Sen. Gilbert Baker says he'll make decision on challenging Sen. Blanche Lincoln in next two or three weeks. (The Tolbert Report, via Twitter) Trade Winds: Arkansas Congressional delegation applauds loosening of restrictions on Cuba. (Arkansas News Bureau) Check, Please: The Arkansas Times has all the scoop on the big money Saturday fundraiser for Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's re-election campaign. (The Arkansas Times) Profiles in Courage: … [Read more...]

Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 27

Baker on Senate: Blogger Jason Tolbert's been a little quiet this week, but he's back with a vengeance with exclusive video of Arkansas Sen. Gilbert Baker addressing the question, Will you challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln? Hurry, click the link for the answer! (The Tolbert Report) Darkness Falls: Arkansas Capitol and other state landmarks will go dark for "Earth Hour" on Saturday night in a pointless display to raise awareness of global climate change. (AP) Sin of Commission: Two incoming … [Read more...]