Arkansas Has A New Chance To Fight Obamacare. Will We Take It?

Latest on AR State Exchanges

Yesterday, I wrote about the steps Arkansas is taking to set up a state-based Obamacare exchange. The Halbig decision presents a huge opportunity for states to protect their residents and employers from the devastating mandates in Obamacare. Let’s explore. Based on the logic of Halbig, any state which declines to implement a state Obamacare exchange would free its residents from the individual mandate and its employers from the employer mandate. This is because the Obamacare mandates are … [Read more...]

Today’s Pointless Government Policy: Secret Background Checks for Political Candidates

criminal records

This afternoon, the Senate is scheduled to consider SB1029. The bill, sponsored by Senator Keith Ingram, would require candidates for public office to undergo criminal background checks as part of the initial filing process. Sounds like a great idea, right? Let’s take a closer look. Here is the process required by the bill: 1. When a candidate files for office, they must file a criminal background check waiver at the same time (and bear the cost of the check). 2. The waiver is signed by the … [Read more...]

David Johnson: “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”

Groucho Marx

I have always admired Senator David Johnson. He and I rarely agree, but he is an uncommonly smart and honest legislator. When I watched the Senate debate voter ID yesterday, I was pleased to see that he was reading AAI’s most recent paper before he spoke and that he referenced it in his remarks. But I was sorry to see that the arguments he made against voter ID yesterday were startling in their unseriousness. AAI’s latest paper undercuts the idea that requiring an ID suppresses the vote; in … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Election Integrity!

Rep. Hallum voting for the last time.

Today, Advance Arkansas Institute President Dan Greenberg joined freedom fighter and all-around good guy Senator Bryan King to discuss the idea of requiring voters to show identification at the ballot box with the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus. I was there to catch the entire event on video. You're welcome. There are several interesting exchanges in the first video below. A few of them deserve further analysis which will come at a later time. But for now, enjoy the videos and read this … [Read more...]

Church Carry Clears Senate Committee, Senator Flowers Says Some Words


Today, SB71, “The Church Protection Act,” cleared its first hurdle towards becoming law. It was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning without a dissenting vote. However, there were some theatrics involved. SB71 is the law commonly referred to as “church carry.” To be quite clear, the law does not allow unprohibited concealed carry within churches or other houses of worship in Arkansas: it allows churches to decide for themselves whether or not to allow CCL permit holders … [Read more...]

What Will Beebe Do?

Legacy: One day, this picture will hang in the hollow chambers of the state capitol. What stories will the tour guides tell about Gov. Beebe?

For the first time since Reconstruction, there is now a Republican majority in both houses of the state legislature. We’ve spent several weeks here at The Arkansas Project visiting with returning, conservative state lawmakers about their plans for the upcoming legislative session. From giving professors the right to carry on campus, to cutting taxes, to reforming Medicaid, to reforming election laws, the goals of these returning legislators seems to be clear: they want to make government … [Read more...]

Advancing Arkansas: Rep. Lea Focused on Teamwork, New Tax Holiday

Part Two of our Advancing Arkansas series is an interview with Rep. Andrea Lea (R-Russellville). Rep. Lea, who is entering her final term as a state representative having already served four years in the House, said her goals for this term/upcoming legislative session are simple: help incoming freshmen legislators “learn the ropes” and be a team player. “Teamwork is a priority for me. It is just as important to make educated votes as it is to introduce/pass bills. It takes all of us to be a … [Read more...]