Saving Medicaid: Sensible, Free-Market Based Reforms for Arkansas

Mike Beebe can make it rain money -- we just have to say "yes."

I was shocked to hear Governor Beebe in his “state of the state” address a few weeks ago that expanding Medicaid “will create additional private-sector jobs. We just have to say yes.” I was equally shocked to read this statement from Arkansas Business in their “legislative wish list:” “Expand Medicaid to the quarter of a million Arkansans lacking health will be preserving rural hospitals, jobs, and and the health of your fellow citizens.”  Saving jobs by accumulating additional … [Read more...]

Advancing Arkansas: Rep. David Meeks Focusing on Medicaid Reform, State Sovereignty


My latest in a series of fantastic interviews with state legislators about their plans for the upcoming session (if I do say so myself) is a conversation with Rep. David Meeks (R-Conway). (Click here to read other interviews from this series). Meeks, an AAI Friend of Freedom, is entering his second term in the Arkansas House. His stated goals for the session are “to continue to advance the conservative agenda that I promised to my constituents.” That sounds all well and good, but what does it … [Read more...]