Ben Burris Bites Back

Photo courtesy of Institute for Justice.

Our readers will probably remember Arkansas orthodontist Benjamin Burris. He’s been the subject of various news reports over the last year due to his ongoing battle with the state Board of Dental Examiners. It turns out my colleague Dan Greenberg was right when he predicted last Fall that the dental board hadn’t heard the last of him. Here’s the back story: the state board conducted a thorough inquisition of Burris’s practice last year because he had been offering low-price dental cleanings … [Read more...]

MLK Anniversary, Sanctuary Security, & Conway Code Kerfuffle (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast: Dan talks about his participation on a March on Washington 50th Anniversary panel. Also, hear from Bryant Pastor Perry Black who is taking extra -- and constitutional -- precautions to keep his flock safe. And finally, an official with the city of Conway has responded to my story about how their excessive regulations are hindering charity work. We hope you enjoy the show this week! Here are some news stories we reference, for your viewing pleasure: Bryant pastor … [Read more...]

Overregulation Is Hindering Charity in Conway


Advocates of big government often justify this desire on a theory that big government will “help the poor.” Unfortunately, government is an ineffective and inefficient vehicle for helping people out of poverty. More importantly, big government’s rules and regulations -- again, aimed at “helping the little man” or “leveling the playing field” -- often lead to more harm than good. A recent story from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette provides an excellent example. Bethlehem House in Conway is a … [Read more...]

Why Did Raw Milk Curdle in House Committee?

farmers in jail

Yesterday, as previously reported, the raw milk bill (HB 1536) was defeated by the House Ag Committee. But before the bill was defeated on a roll call vote, it was ruled passed on a voice vote by Vice Chair Rep. Nate Steel. What happened? Rep. Bob Ballinger, a freshman, conservative legislator from Hindsville, requested a roll call vote and it was seconded. But Rep. Ballinger has already proven himself to be a friend of liberty in the Arkansas House. Why did he request a roll call vote and … [Read more...]

Representative Alexander Makes The Case for Milk Freedom

happy cows

I wrote yesterday about Representative Randy Alexander’s bill to legalize the sale of lacteal secretion, more commonly known as raw cow milk. But these are just my opinions, backed up by mounds of evidence -- and as many of you constantly remind me on Twitter, I’m just an obnoxious "cow patty" head. So let’s hear from the bill’s sponsor, shall we? Representative Alexander told me that, for him, there are three key questions here: 1. Is raw milk really dangerous? 2. Should Arkansans be … [Read more...]

Legalize Milk!

cow EF

The Arkansas legislature is faced with a question: Do Arkansans have the right to buy and eat what they choose? The question may sound silly, but it is neither frivolous nor unimportant. It is basic: if legislators cannot get this issue right, it’s unlikely that they will be able to come down on the side of freedom on larger issues. The steaks (ahem) are high. The proposition is a bill by Representative Randy Alexander (HB1536) that would legalize the sale of raw milk in Arkansas. You can … [Read more...]

Raising the Minimum Wage: Unfair to Working Students And Still a Bad Idea


The House Public Health Committee is slated to take up Rep. Butch Wilkins’s minimum wage hike tomorrow morning. The proposal would raise the state’s minimum wage from $6.25 to $8.25 -- unless you’re a full-time student who works less than 20 hours a week. Under current law, these students are only entitled to 85% of minimum wage -- Rep. Wilkins’s bill would cut that percentage by 20 points, down to 65%. What would the real effect be for working full-time students? Let’s do some … [Read more...]

Congress, Your Grades Are Posted


Yesterday, Americans For Prosperity released their "Economic Freedom Scorecard." Quite simply, the group ranks all 535 members of Congress based on their votes regarding economic freedom: The 112th Congress Scorecard includes critical votes on such issues as the repeal of President Obama’s new health care law, preempting EPA’s purported authority to regulate greenhouse gases, supporting Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget, ending ethanol subsidies, several Congressional Review Act resolutions to … [Read more...]