New Report Highlights Candidates’ Positions On Policy


I know many of you have been relying on The Arkansas Project for news and analysis of the ongoing GOP legislative primaries around the state. While I’ve been conducting interviews with candidates, my colleague Dan Greenberg over at AAI has been helping to compile a comprehensive report that highlights where candidates stand on many more policy issues. (Well, at least it highlights where candidates are willing to say they stand.) This survey was conducted by Commerce In Action. They sent a … [Read more...]

The Great Debates (Podcast)

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This week on The Arkansas Project Podcast: Join us Wednesday night to meet all three GOP candidates for Attorney General Rice vs. Holland -- who has it right on the PO? Damon Wallace owes $30,000 to IRS And here's some debt Damon Wallace failed to disclose … [Read more...]

WaPo Fact Checker: Dem Claims About Cotton Are “Phony As A Three-Dollar Bill”


Senate Majority PAC -- a political action committee run by the former employees of  Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Al Gore, John Kerry, and the Clintons -- has released a new ad that slams Rep. Tom Cotton. However, in typical Reid-Gore-Kerry-Clinton fashion, the ad plays fast-and-loose with the facts. Actually, that’s being generous: this ad just makes stuff up. The ad begins with a falsehood about Congressman Cotton, stating that Cotton “got paid handsomely working for insurance … [Read more...]

Arkansas Governor’s Race: Who Loves Teachers The Most?

Asa: Holder OK with me for AG

You were probably too busy enjoying Arkansas’s one day of spring over the weekend to notice, but former Congressman Mike Ross “won” the endorsement of the Arkansas Education Association in his bid for governor. This endorsement led to a kerfuffle between Ross and Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson. Let me bring you up to speed. As news leaked of Ross’s AEA endorsement, the Hutchinson camp issued a statement saying Ross is “out of touch with Arkansas,” drawing a connection between the AEA and … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor’s Staff Is…Looking For Work?

Pryor campaign manager Randy Massanelli at campaign HQ. (Photo: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

There has been much discussion of the position of University of Arkansas lobbyist over the last few weeks. State Senator Johnny Key has been the focus of various news reports after announcing that he would not seek re-election and instead take a shot at becoming the next U of A leech government relations expert. Recently former Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr has also made some waves after he submitted his application for the gig. (Perhaps he has a future in sales as well.) However, yet another … [Read more...]

“Private” Option Gridlock, Common Courtesy, & Special Session?

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The Arkansas Project Podcast is back! This week on the show, Dan and I discuss: The Obamacare "private" option gridlock Will PO gridlock end life as we know it? Obamacare proponents hate Obamacare! Is vote pairing a "common courtesy?" … [Read more...]

House GOP To Speaker Carter: We Need To Talk


27 House Republican legislators have signed and delivered a letter to Speaker Davy Carter that says, quite simply: it’s time to negotiate a way forward on the Medicaid budget. Last week, the House voted four times on passage of the DHS/Medicaid budget (which includes funding for the Obamacare “private” option). The bill failed all four times. The letter was presented to Speaker Carter today. You can read it here in its entirety. Here’s an excerpt: Dear Mr. Speaker, At your direction, … [Read more...]

Legislators, Your Grades Are Posted


It's that moment you've all been waiting for -- the full unveiling of AAI's 2013 Freedom Scorecard!  The report is the most thorough of its kind to ever be produced in the state of Arkansas, scoring over 100 bills from last year's legislative session. Here's an excerpt from the report: The Advance Arkansas Institute and Conduit for Commerce are pleased to present this study of the 2013 voting records of legislators serving in the Arkansas General Assembly. Arkansas’s 2013 Freedom … [Read more...]