Ethics Commission Releases Book On Bookout

bookout money bags 2

The Arkansas Ethics Commission has released a 127-page document that outlines the investigation into the campaign spending of former state Senator Paul Bookout (D). According to the report, Senator Bookout “believed in his heart” that all of his spending was campaign related. Apparently, the hearts of the ethics commissioners were not so certain. From the report: While Mr. Bookout believed in his heart that all of the expenditures he made during his campaign were related to his campaign, he … [Read more...]

Arkansas Dems on Income: Intentionally Misleading or Just Ignorant of the Facts? (PART 1)

Harmful Truths vs. Useful Lies

Why are Arkansas Democrats exaggerating the Natural State's progress on income growth? Or more to the point, just how damn stupid do they think we are? I was thumbing through the Wall Street Journal this morning, in the manner of all good plutocrats everywhere, when I came across this story about declines in household income over the last few years. Citing a study by a Maryland-based consultancy group, the WSJ reports that 38 states saw a decline in median household income from … [Read more...]