MLK Anniversary, Sanctuary Security, & Conway Code Kerfuffle (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast: Dan talks about his participation on a March on Washington 50th Anniversary panel. Also, hear from Bryant Pastor Perry Black who is taking extra -- and constitutional -- precautions to keep his flock safe. And finally, an official with the city of Conway has responded to my story about how their excessive regulations are hindering charity work. We hope you enjoy the show this week! Here are some news stories we reference, for your viewing pleasure: Bryant pastor … [Read more...]

Church Protection Act Passes the House, Heads to The Beebe

Rep. Bell, the Gnome of Mena, wielding his fully automatic Glock assault rifle.

Yesterday, the House passed SB71, “The Church Protection Act,” which we have been following for a few weeks now. It was a landslide: 85 for and only 8 votes against, with 7 not voting. See how your legislators voted by clicking here. I would remind you (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) that the bill will not mandate that churches allow concealed carry. In fact, the bill's default rule is that concealed carry is still prohibited unless a church specifically decides to allow … [Read more...]

Three Lessons From Russellville’s Attempted Disarmament


Well, this isn’t exactly what you’d classify as ‘breaking news,’ but it is certainly worth mentioning that, due to the great work of Arkansas Carry and conservative activists across the state, the city of Russellville has decided to withdraw a proposed ordinance that would’ve prevented concealed carry permit holders from lawfully carrying their weapons in city parks--and on all other city property. Apparently, the city rents many of their parks from the U.S. Corps of Engineers.  In these … [Read more...]