Is It Time to Trip the Article V Fire Alarm?


Article V of the Constitution provides that, “The Congress...on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments...”  Has the time come for the states to exercise this option?  Michael Farris, the National Director of the Convention of States Project (, will be in Arkansas during the week beginning September 29 for a number of speaking engagements where he will address this issue and present the … [Read more...]

Arkansas Legislators Participate In Article V Convention Summit

Pictured: The backs of Rep. Bell's, Rep. Ballinger's, and Rep. Alexander's heads at the Mt. Vernon assembly. (Photo compliments of Rep. Bill Taylor of South Carolina)

Legislators from all over the country convened just outside of Washington D.C. over the weekend to discuss the possibility of an Article V amendment convention. An Article V convention -- which is very different than a “constitutional convention” -- would allow states to propose amendments to the federal constitution. Four Arkansas legislators attended the weekend forum that was held at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. I spoke with two of them. State Representative Bob Ballinger was at … [Read more...]

Term Limits Set To Take Center Stage In Upcoming Elections


If you’re an Arkansas voter, you will be asked in 2014 to vote up or down on a proposed constitutional amendment that would extend term limits for state legislators. You should expect to see the amendment take center stage in next year’s legislative primaries, as well as in the first general election of the year in January. The proposed amendment was referred to the voters in the recent legislative session. It passed the House with 71 votes and the Senate with 23 votes (see how your legislators … [Read more...]

McDaniel’s Anti-Safety Policies Prevail Again

Dustin McDaniel, swearing to defend the Constitution.

The Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies has moved to suspend the licenses of school districts who were using the licenses to arm teachers as security guards. The suspensions are being initially imposed for 60 days. In September, school districts will have the opportunity to appear before the board and make their case. However, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that the chairman of the board said he will push to have the licenses permanently revoked. … [Read more...]

McDaniel Doublethink Will Make Schools Less Safe


The attorney general of Arkansas doesn’t get to write laws or make policy for the state. However, as the state’s highest ranking law enforcement officer, it is customary for the AG to issue opinions on legal questions, usually when asked to do so by lawmakers. I don’t have a problem with this in general, as long as we all understand that opinions from the AG are just that -- his opinion. They’re not decrees, verdicts, or rulings. They’re just one lawyer’s opinion of the law. Imagine my … [Read more...]

Talkin’ New Faculty Carry Law With Rep. Charlie Collins


During the recent legislative session, the legislature passed a law -- Act 226 -- to allow licensed and trained full-time faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons on college and university campuses. Well, sort of. At the last minute, the bill was amended to make the policy optional: the governing boards of schools in the state may vote to disallow licensed, trained carriers to carry concealed firearms on campus. The original idea behind the bill was to protect citizens on campus from … [Read more...]

Weekly Segment With Paul Harrell


No doubt many of you have been following the developments surrounding Act 746 or "constitutional carry." You may have seen my interview with ASP spokesman Bill Sadler earlier this week. Yesterday I spoke with Paul Harrell on The Paul Harrell Program about my interview and where we go from here. Take a listen, if you're into that sort of thing. Segment begins around the 1:35:00 mark: Video streaming by Ustream … [Read more...]

House Judiciary Committee Passes “Church Carry” Bill

This morning, the House Judiciary Committee passed "The Church Protection Act." The bill now heads to the House floor. If it is successful there, it will head to the Governor's desk for his John Hancock. I attended the committee meeting this morning and snagged some video(s). The voice vote is near the very end of the second clip below. 4:31 p.m. - I apologize for the audio problems in these videos. It seems to be a technical issue with Ustream. Hopefully it will be resolved … [Read more...]