Latest ‘Church Carry’ Proposal Raises Constitutional Concerns


As readers of this blog know, the Arkansas legislature passed a “church carry” bill a couple of weeks ago that the governor has now signed into law. The bill allows churches the option to let licensed, trained members carry in church but leaves church carry illegal by default. Now two legislators are proposing their own version of “church carry.” Unfortunately, their bill is aimed at limiting gun and religious freedom, not expanding it. The bill is HB1284. It is sponsored by Rep. Reginald … [Read more...]

Church Protection Act Passes the House, Heads to The Beebe

Rep. Bell, the Gnome of Mena, wielding his fully automatic Glock assault rifle.

Yesterday, the House passed SB71, “The Church Protection Act,” which we have been following for a few weeks now. It was a landslide: 85 for and only 8 votes against, with 7 not voting. See how your legislators voted by clicking here. I would remind you (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) that the bill will not mandate that churches allow concealed carry. In fact, the bill's default rule is that concealed carry is still prohibited unless a church specifically decides to allow … [Read more...]

House Judiciary Committee Passes “Church Carry” Bill

This morning, the House Judiciary Committee passed "The Church Protection Act." The bill now heads to the House floor. If it is successful there, it will head to the Governor's desk for his John Hancock. I attended the committee meeting this morning and snagged some video(s). The voice vote is near the very end of the second clip below. 4:31 p.m. - I apologize for the audio problems in these videos. It seems to be a technical issue with Ustream. Hopefully it will be resolved … [Read more...]

Senator King Files “Church Carry” Bill


Senator Bryan King, as promised, has filed a bill to allow churches and houses of worship to decide for themselves whether or not to allow their members to carry firearms on their property. Currently, Arkansas law prohibits churches and houses of worship from making these decisions themselves which poses two problems: first, it is a violation of the 2nd amendment and secondly, it inappropriately involves the state in church governance. Nicholas Stehle, member of the board of directors for … [Read more...]