UALR Chancellor Ignorant of UALR’s “Glance and Nod” Policies


As you’ve probably already heard, State Rep. Charlie Collins's "Campus Carry” bill was narrowly defeated yesterday in the House Education Committee. The meeting took nearly 3 hours, much of it filled with ranting testimonies of anti-gun zealots and cautious-to-a-fault campus bureaucrats (sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two). One brief exchange, however, caught my attention. That exchange occurred between state Rep. Nate Bell and UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson, who … [Read more...]

Charlie Collins: Our Constitutional Rights Even Apply on Public Property

Arkansas capitol

  Those who want to protect our Second Amendment rights should take a look at state Rep. Charlie Collins’s HB 1077, which would make college campuses more Second Amendment friendly.   From 5News: House Bill 1077 by Rep. Charlie Collins, R-Fayetteville, would require public universities and colleges to let licensed faculty and staff members carry concealed handguns on campus. Collins said he wants the decision on whether to carry a handgun to be up to the professor, not the … [Read more...]’s Newest Left-Wing Project: Saving the ‘Private’ Option!


You might be familiar with, a left-wing organization – oops, excuse me, a “progressive” organization – that pushes its agenda through (among other things) getting citizens to sign petitions. If you look at their petition website today, you’ll see that it calls for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to resign, for Pennsylvania to give up on its voter ID law, and for Texas and Tennessee to expand Medicaid. Don’t worry, MoveOn hasn’t forgotten Arkansas -- they also have … [Read more...]

Memo To GOP Legislators: We Tried To Warn You


Back during the debate over Medicaid expansion (which lawmakers attempted to rebrand as "the private option"), this blog, in conjunction with the Advance Arkansas Institute, cautioned conservative lawmakers. We told them that if they collaborated with liberals by implementing Obamacare, that would take the issue off the table in the 2014 election. That's not to say that policy decisions should be purely political. They should ideally be based on the merits: what's in the best interest of the … [Read more...]

Rep. Charlie Collins to Run for Lt. Governor

Charlie Collins

Earlier this morning, went live with a new look. The re-launching of the site with a new title -- "Charlie Collins, Lieutenant Governor" -- led me to believe Rep. Charlie Collins may be, in fact, running for Lieutenant Governor. But of course the first axiom of journalism is “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” So I contacted Collins and he confirmed that he is announcing his candidacy for LG today. Collins said his announcement will come through a press … [Read more...]

This Week’s Podcast: Government Security Tips, Faculty Carry, & Obamacare Finger-Pointing

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My esteemed co-host Dan Greenberg was out of town, so you're stuck with me for the podcast this week. We dive into UALR's new security tips, my interview with Rep. Collins on faculty carry, and Obamacare finger-pointing between Senator Mark Pryor and state Republicans. Also: you can now subscribe to the show in the iTunes Store! Just follow this link to subscribe and have the show automatically download to your iPhone, iPad, or computer every week. For your reading pleasure, here are a few … [Read more...]

Talkin’ New Faculty Carry Law With Rep. Charlie Collins


During the recent legislative session, the legislature passed a law -- Act 226 -- to allow licensed and trained full-time faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons on college and university campuses. Well, sort of. At the last minute, the bill was amended to make the policy optional: the governing boards of schools in the state may vote to disallow licensed, trained carriers to carry concealed firearms on campus. The original idea behind the bill was to protect citizens on campus from … [Read more...]

The Warring Messages of the Private Option


At the Saline County TEA Party meeting last week, Rep. Andy Mayberry told his constituents that the struggle over the private option made him feel like he was being forced to jump out of the third story of a burning building: There’s no way, if I just stand there, that I’m going to survive. I’m gonna burn. There’s a window over here that I can choose to jump out of and I might die in that fall. I know I’m going to die if I stay there and don’t do anything. But I might just survive that … [Read more...]