Get Your Ethics Bookout, Love on Zimmerman, & Obama Threatens To Veto Himself

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We have a great show for you this week: Dan and I dive into the developing Senator Bookout scandal, Rep. Love's Zimmerman comments, and more! Here's some of the stories we reference, for your reading pleasure: Senator Paul Bookout appears before the Ethics Commission Rep. Fred Love is confused about the Zimmerman ruling Senator Jeremy Hutchison's mailer...stretches the truth President Obama calls Obamacare delay bill "unnecessary" … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Election Integrity!

Rep. Hallum voting for the last time.

Today, Advance Arkansas Institute President Dan Greenberg joined freedom fighter and all-around good guy Senator Bryan King to discuss the idea of requiring voters to show identification at the ballot box with the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus. I was there to catch the entire event on video. You're welcome. There are several interesting exchanges in the first video below. A few of them deserve further analysis which will come at a later time. But for now, enjoy the videos and read this … [Read more...]