Sen. Pryor Stops Kids from Eating All-Terrain Vehicles


Can all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) be dangerous to children? Of course. When I was 12, my cousin and I were riding on my grandfather’s 4-wheel ATV. Our behavior was about as mature as that of a typical 12-year-old, which is to say that we were driving the ATV backwards at a high rate of speed. My cousin turned the ATV sharply, causing it to flip over and roll on top of us. Let’s just say that I have some idea of how unsafe an ATV can be. Our foolish actions on the ATV that day (and many other … [Read more...]

Senator Dismang Is Open to Letting the Sun Shine In


Sen. Jonathan Dismang made a promising announcement when Roby Brock interviewed him earlier this week: Dismang said that he’s open-minded about broadcasting/live-streaming state Senate procedures. Dismang’s statement creates a welcome contrast with other members of the Senate leadership, who have been pointedly dismissive about shining a light onto Senate deliberations. I think it’s something we’ll discuss, but it’s something we’ll discuss as a whole. It would not be my decision solely to … [Read more...]

GOP Senate Primaries, Round Three: Sample vs. Neal


Round three of our review of the upcoming Republican primaries for state Senate is here. We’re taking a look at the role of the Obamacare “private” option Medicaid expansion in political debate, given its size and the evident intention of many candidates to make it a central part of their election strategy. Today, let’s take a look at District 14, where incumbent Senator Bill Sample is facing a primary challenge from Jerry Neal. In a recent interview with the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record, Sample … [Read more...]

“Private” Option Gridlock, Common Courtesy, & Special Session?

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The Arkansas Project Podcast is back! This week on the show, Dan and I discuss: The Obamacare "private" option gridlock Will PO gridlock end life as we know it? Obamacare proponents hate Obamacare! Is vote pairing a "common courtesy?" … [Read more...]

Senator Chesterfield: “I Do Not Have a Constitutional Right To Buy Alcohol”

WR on voting

Last week, the Arkansas Senate passed a voter ID bill for the first time in history (it was considered before the House State Agencies Committee yesterday but has been tabled until a fiscal impact study can be done). During the Senate debate, Senator Linda Chesterfield (D-Little Rock) took to the well to express her displeasure with the proposal. She said two things that were of particular interest. First of all, Chesterfield said that “voter ID is a poll tax.” This is no real surprise -- … [Read more...]

Representative Tyler, I’ve Been Trying to Reach You

tyler meme

On October 4th, I called state Representative Linda Tyler for an interview. I reached her voicemail and requested a call back -- to her credit, she did call me back the next day and asked me who I was, who I worked for, etc. When I told her “The Arkansas Project,” she told me she would have to get back to me because she was driving. I told her I would be at my desk the rest of the day (this was about mid-morning on a Friday) or she could call me anytime Monday. Needless to say, it’s been 25 days … [Read more...]