Two-Day Sales Tax Respite No “Holiday” For Taxpayers


Not all tax reductions are created equal. Arkansas’ annual sales tax “holiday” -- slated for this coming weekend -- is a nice example. This temporary tax respite leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to fostering economic growth and job creation — which should be a central goal of tax policy. The Tax Foundation panned sales tax holidays in a 2013 report, … [Read more...]

Taxpayers Out $378K For State Exchange Message-Testing, Polling


We reported last week on some of the suspect polling that the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace (otherwise known as AHIM, or the state Obamacare exchange) was using to convince legislators that there is “overwhelming” public support for a state-funded Obamacare exchange in Arkansas. We also reported that AHIM had “tested over 100 different names for what the exchange … [Read more...]

Gov’s Office: Arkansas “Moving Towards” State Exchange, But Nothing Final Yet

Arkansas capitol

Arkansas is in the process of establishing a state exchange, but a final decision won’t be made until after the Health Care Reform Legislative Task Force makes its recommendations, a spokesman for Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Tuesday. J.R. Davis, Hutchinson’s spokesman, told The Arkansas Project: There’s no deadline set or time that says…we’re going to be a state exchange on … [Read more...]

Will Arkansas Establish A State O’Care Exchange?


It seems clear to me after attending today’s Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace committee meeting that pro-Obamacare legislators and bureaucrats are eager for Arkansas to proceed with establishing a state Obamacare exchange. Legislators had delayed this decision until after King v. Burwell was announced -- which occurred Friday. One of the few legislators who expressed … [Read more...]

Will New Term Limits Push Succeed In 2016?


Arkansas Term Limits recently announced their plan to roll back Issue 3, which passed narrowly in 2014 and expanded term limits for state legislators. This week The Arkansas Project (TAP) caught up with Tim Jacob, a U.S. Term Limits board member, to further discuss their effort: TAP: Arkansas changed its term limits rules about six months ago. Why change them … [Read more...]