Senator Dismang Is Open to Letting the Sun Shine In


Sen. Jonathan Dismang made a promising announcement when Roby Brock interviewed him earlier this week: Dismang said that he’s open-minded about broadcasting/live-streaming state Senate procedures. Dismang’s statement creates a welcome contrast with other members of the Senate leadership, who have been pointedly dismissive about shining a light onto Senate deliberations. I think it’s something we’ll discuss, but it’s something we’ll discuss as a whole. It would not be my decision solely to … [Read more...]

Three Cheers For More Transparency In The House


Speaker of the House Davy Carter has come in for some criticism on this blog in the past, but I want to compliment him for his latest transparency initiative: those who want to see what’s happening in the state House of Representatives can now watch current and past House proceedings on their tablets and smart phones. The updates to also include viewers to read the text of each bill that is under consideration. Speaker Carter’s upgrades place the House far ahead of the … [Read more...]

Arkansas Democrats Float Ethics Ideas For Everyone Else

Capitol ethics

Arkansas Democrats love ethics. In fact, they love ethics so much, three of their state elected officials have been forced to resign from office in the last year -- one for a felony, another for a felony, and another, well, for the felony act of voter fraud (and he supports ethics reform, too!). All of these scandals have forced Democrats to go on the offensive regarding ethics reform and transparency, announcing a new ethics caucus last month. (You can read about some of their efforts … [Read more...]

AUDIO: Dan Sullivan On Obamacare & The ‘Private Option’


Dan Sullivan, Republican candidate for state senate in District 21, was on The Paul Harrell Program yesterday. They discussed, at length, the question of Medicaid expansion in the form of the 'private option.' Amongst several different answers, Sullivan said he doesn't know how he would've voted on the 'private option' had he been in the legislature. He also gave a preview of where he might fall on the issue in the fiscal session, should he win a seat in the senate. We'll post our own … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Greenberg Testifies Against Prevailing Wage Law


Dan Greenberg, in his post earlier this morning, wrote about his experience before the House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee yesterday. I went and grabbed some video off of the House website of Mr. Greenberg's exchange with state lawmakers. His comments start just a little ways into the clip below -- because, in true governmental fashion, the House website's video editing features are inefficient. Things got a little tense at times. Grab your popcorn: … [Read more...]

Let’s Arm Heroes

Armed Teachers

In response to the shootings in Connecticut last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to allow teachers to carry weapons in their classrooms -- that is, if someone has obtained a concealed carry license, “you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state” (with the exception of private property where property owners have said otherwise, he clarified). Yet Perry knew what the reaction from the rabid anti-gun Left would be before those words ever left his mouth: “Perry wants more … [Read more...]

State Retirement Director: “I Wasn’t Sure Exactly Why I’m Here”


So you know those meetings Rep. Clark Hall has been having, costing taxpayers over $32,000 (so far) this year?  And remember how I mentioned that they were essentially without substance, and are perhaps just ways for legislators to get paid more?  Well, new audio has surfaced that shines some light on this question. The State Agencies & Governmental Affairs committee met last Monday, August 20th.  The agenda for that day included a whopping two items of new business:  the consideration of … [Read more...]

Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 12


Under Siege: If you've been overseas for several months and are just returning this morning, you should know that the 2009 session of the Arkansas General Assembly commences today. Hooray! Drinks all around! (Arkansas News Bureau) Balance Sheet: Lean budgets mean tougher times for state government, making legislators sad. The good news: Lean budgets increase opportunities for acrimony and backstabbing, making The Arkansas Project happy. Hooray! (AP) The Odd Couple: One's a slobbish House … [Read more...]