Liberal Senator Al Franken is Questioning Occupational Licensing: Why Aren’t More Arkansas Legislators?


It’s not everyday that I catch myself agreeing with liberal U.S. Senator Al Franken, but I must confess that I caught myself agreeing with him today during his subcommittee questioning of Robert Johnson of the Institute for Justice (IJ). From the hearing: Franken: I think it’s clear that we have some unnecessary occupation licensing that can harm workers and consumers in a … [Read more...]

Why Did Patsy Wootton Call the Cops on Randy Alexander?

State Rep's Mommy Calls 911 On Her Opponent

I tried to ask Patsy Wootton, the executive director of Conservative Arkansas (an allegedly conservative organization), this question on Friday afternoon -- once I heard the recordings of her phone calls to the Rogers Police Department, complaining about Randy Alexander’s signs. You see, Wootton is the mother of Rep. Jana Della Rosa, who is currently running against former … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Shows The Constitutional Carry Fight Isn’t Over


A lawsuit filed by a Searcy man last year could end up clarifying Second Amendment rights and the function of Act 746 in Arkansas. From the Washington Times: A pending lawsuit in which an Arkansas man is seeking reinstatement of his permit to carry a concealed weapon may settle some confusion and even disagreement on the rights of the state’s citizens to openly carry … [Read more...]