Ray Hanley’s Three Medicaid Fallacies


I see that Ray Hanley has responded to my Arkansas Business commentary on Medicaid expansion in Arkansas. Ray Hanley is a smart guy and a provocative writer, but his response demonstrates the extraordinary financial and intellectual weakness of the case for the “private option.” Notably, in my original article, I posed six questions that I believe that advocates of Medicaid expansion cannot satisfactorily answer; in his response, out of those six questions, Hanley addressed two. Even in just … [Read more...]

Greenberg: “Private Option” In Trouble

Rep. Dan Greenberg

Advance Arkansas Institute's Dan Greenberg has a great guest op-ed at Arkansas Business today. You'll want to check it out. Here's a taste: Whether to expand Medicaid was, and continues to be, the most divisive and hotly debated question of Arkansas’ 2013 legislative session. Regrettably, readers of Gwen Moritz’s recent column (“The Dangers of Demonization,” July 1) will only learn that she finds this question unworthy of serious discussion. Instead, Moritz explains that those who opposed … [Read more...]

Saving Medicaid: Sensible, Free-Market Based Reforms for Arkansas

Mike Beebe can make it rain money -- we just have to say "yes."

I was shocked to hear Governor Beebe in his “state of the state” address a few weeks ago that expanding Medicaid “will create additional private-sector jobs. We just have to say yes.” I was equally shocked to read this statement from Arkansas Business in their “legislative wish list:” “Expand Medicaid to the quarter of a million Arkansans lacking health insurance...you will be preserving rural hospitals, jobs, and and the health of your fellow citizens.”  Saving jobs by accumulating additional … [Read more...]