How Freedom Of Choice Improves Public Health In Arkansas

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Nicotine consumption used to be simple. Those who wanted to smoke tobacco grabbed a cigarette, or maybe a cigar or pipe, and lit up. Today that seems so old-fashioned. We now have electronic devices that provide nicotine in a form that resembles smoking -- but lacks many of smoking’s negative side effects. Many people are turning to e-cigarettes or other devices to “vape” … [Read more...]

The Hidden Costs of Federal Grants

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Is there ever a good reason for state governments to refuse federal grants? Some people would say no; notoriously, a few years ago. Gov. Mike Beebe said that accepting Medicaid expansion money was a “no-brainer,” because whether Arkansas accepted the money or not, state taxpayers would still be on the hook for it. A new paper by the Advance Arkansas Institute’s Marc Kilmer, … [Read more...]

REPORT: Arkansas 38th In Nation For Business Tax Climate

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Arkansas will be 38th in the nation in 2016 for its business tax climate, according to the Tax Foundation. Arkansas’s ranking was worse than every surrounding state. By comparison, Texas was ranked the 10th best state in which to do business, in part because the Lone Star state does not have either a corporate or individual income tax. From the Tax Foundation: The … [Read more...]

The Folly of Film Subsidies in Arkansas

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Of all the business enterprises in Arkansas, filmmaking seems to deserve a government handout the least. It is hardly a core function of state government to fund Hollywood’s latest blockbusters or to subsidize stars who make millions of dollars for showing up on set. Of course, over two-thirds of states offer film subsidies: Arkansas is one of them. Supporters of film … [Read more...]