Another Case Shows Need For Right-To-Record Law

Filming Cops (Sebastian County)

Another law enforcement agency was in the news recently after it paid the cost for attempting to restrict the right of citizens to film law enforcement. After a Sebastian County Sheriff’s Deputy agreed to accept a $40,000 judgement against himself for, apparently, arresting a citizen who was filming cops executing a search warrant, the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office decided it needed to remind its employees about a little ol’ thing called the Constitution. From Arkansas News: Following … [Read more...]

Sales Tax Holiday Leads to High Tax Hangover

Sales Tax Free Weekend

All tax reductions aren’t created equal -- and nowhere is this more evident than in this weekend’s annual sales tax holiday. Because of tax changes passed in 2011, some purchases of clothing and school supplies will be free from taxation on Saturday and Sunday. Many politicians in the middle of campaign season take the week before this holiday as a chance to boast about their tax-cutting bonafides. However, this temporary tax respite leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to fostering … [Read more...]

Will You Help Us Advance Freedom In Arkansas?


The Arkansas Project, as an affiliate of the Advance Arkansas Institute, depends on tax-deductible contributions from freedom-loving Arkansans like you who share our commitment to a free and prosperous society. When you support The Arkansas Project and AAI, you are not just a contributor -- you become a member and a part of our team. Not only will you be helping continue our daily news coverage here at, but you’ll be sent the latest AAI publications, reports, newsletters, … [Read more...]

Term Limits Camouflage


The debate over extending legislative term limits in Arkansas is only just beginning. Unfortunately, that debate has been diluted: in this year’s legislative session, the legislature opted to couple term limits extension measure with ethics reform. The amendment’s ballot title says nothing about extending term limits. Instead, it mostly discusses ethics reforms and then, in the last line, says it is intended to “establish” term limits. This, to say the least, has concerned many conservatives … [Read more...]

The Scorecard. It’s Coming.


Tomorrow is the big day you’ve all been waiting for -- the unveiling of the Advance Arkansas Institute’s latest Freedom Scorecard! AAI will hold a ceremony at the Capitol to unveil the new report and recognize our top-scoring legislators for their work for freedom. If you’d like to join us, swing by the Old Supreme Court room at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. This report will be the most thorough of its kind ever produced in Arkansas, scoring over 100 bills from this year’s legislative session on the … [Read more...]

Matt Campbell Knows Better

Earlier this week, I spoke on tort reform to the State Agencies committee of the Arkansas General Assembly; yesterday, I noticed an Internet polemic from Matt Campbell on the same subject. His piece is filled with misfires, but I want to focus on one in particular: Campbell argues that anything other than complete obeisance to all jury verdicts is “nothing more than a direct assault” on the state Constitution and the Seventh Amendment. Here, Campbell is flatly wrong. Campbell’s argument, … [Read more...]

Coming This Monday: Make New Friends, See Gorgeous Women, and Learn More about Obamacare in Little Rock

    As you may have noticed, the federal government’s attempt to inform people about how Obamacare helps them is a miserable failure. State government has called a halt to Obamacare publicity as well. How will the people know what our government has in store for them? Americans for Prosperity will fill that vacuum Monday night with a star-studded panel of woman health-care experts at the Statehouse Convention Center (101 East Markham) in Little Rock: Dana Perino, FOX News … [Read more...]

Mike Beebe: Budgetary Brainiac or Bozo?

Braniac Beebe

Governor Beebe’s speech about Medicaid expansion earlier this week received a remarkable headline from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Beebe: Medicaid a tax issue. Expansion to boost hospitals, businesses, lawyers told.” In that speech, Beebe told the state Bar Association that the federal government is “expanding Medicaid payments, which hospitals will be the beneficiary of...” How ironic: during the Medicaid expansion debate, the governor told us that expanding Medicaid was about “helping the … [Read more...]