Taxpayers Pay Twice For Some Obamacare Enrollees

Congrats, taxpayers: you get to hold the bag!

News broke late last week that nearly 5,000 Arkansans would be kicked off of the Obamacare “private option” program. Now, as more details emerge, it looks like things are even worse than they first appeared. There are two big concerns, which are both hinted at in yesterday’s Democrat-Gazette story on this scandal. Here’s a snippet: Among those who received the notices was Cheryl Cohen, 58, who owns Village Nutrition, a health-food store in Hot Springs Village, with her husband, … [Read more...]

Senator Rapert Calls Again for “Private Option” Delay

medicaid expansion

Yesterday I reported that state Senator Jason Rapert announced (while attending AAI’s Monday town hall meeting in Conway) that he wanted the legislature to delay passage of the “private option” Medicaid expansion. Now the AP has picked up on the story. According to a new report, Rapert reiterated his calls for delay this morning at the Capitol, saying lawmakers should take three weeks off to go talk to their constituents and then reconvene. Talk to your constituents? What a great … [Read more...]

$400,000 For Sweet Potato Research? Yam Right!

Farmer Beebe

There are several remarkable aspects of Governor Mike Beebe’s veto of SB2, the voter ID bill, yesterday. It looks like Beebe threw a bone to the gubernatorial base -- which suggests that the base is in need of stimulation. It is also intriguing to see a governor veto a bill that passed with bipartisan support in both chambers and is supported by large majorities of Democrats, women, African-Americans, and even crusty old white guys. But most importantly: how odd it is to see a governor use the … [Read more...]

VIDEO: King, Greenberg Testify in Favor of Voter ID Bill


It took a little longer than expected, but as promised, here is some video from Thursday's Senate State Agencies Committee meeting at which Senator Bryan King's voter ID bill was discussed. The first clip below is testimony in favor of the bill by Senator King and AAI President Dan Greenberg. The second video is testimony against the bill by Holly Dickson of the ACLU.  The committee meeting was approximately 2 hours long and we do have more video. If you're interested in seeing it, leave … [Read more...]

Arkansans, What is Corporate Welfare Costing You?

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 7.18.10 PM

$148 per person -- that’s the amount of money, on average, that the state of Arkansas spends per year on corporate welfare, according to a new report from The New York Times. That’s more than Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri. In fact, The Show Me State just to our north spends just $16 per capita on subsidies -- nearly 90% less than Arkansas. I tend to think this debunks the Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s Grant Tennille who thinks we must continue this large-scale … [Read more...]

Governor Beebe Speaks Out on Deaf Scandal

Governor Beebe has finally made some public comments about our friend Bill Walker and his hiring of an unqualified sign language interpreter.  In an interview with KARK about the scandal surrounding state Treasurer Martha Shoffner’s mismanagement of state funds, Beebe was also asked about Walker’s handling of the interpreter situation (kudos to KARK for responding to my call for more attention to this matter). In the interview, Beebe suggests that the OPM review, which I have analyzed, was … [Read more...]

The Anatomy of Corruption, Bill Walker Style


I reported on July 18th that the Legislative Council’s Personnel Services committee was reviewing the hiring of Miss Clara Taylor--a woman who was hired to serve as a sign language interpreter for the state, despite her lack of credentials for the position.  That review has now been conducted and completed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and has produced this 15-page document which is full of fun facts for taxpayers. Now, this report is filled with oodles of background information … [Read more...]

Career Education Department Remains Blind to the Needs of the Deaf


Another government screwup in the Department of Career Education:  a state employee has stood up to his superiors, even though senior management is intent on packing state government payrolls with unqualified political hires. Why does the Beebe administration continue to tolerate mid-level bureaucrats who stand in the way of progressive cronyism? What on earth are these bureaucrats doing, standing in the way of hiring a completely unqualified sign language interpreter? David McDonald … [Read more...]