Voter ID Bill Clears Final Hurdle, Heads to Governor

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Today, the Senate Rules Committee convened to consider whether or not the voter ID bill required a supermajority vote. The House Rules Committee met on this issue last week and ruled that the bill, SB2, did not require a supermajority vote. The full House then passed the full bill and sent it to the full Senate to concur in amendments. Advance Arkansas Institute's Dan Greenberg appeared before the Senate Rules Committee today to offer his opinion: Amendment 51 supplies conditions for … [Read more...]

VIDEO: King, Greenberg Testify in Favor of Voter ID Bill


It took a little longer than expected, but as promised, here is some video from Thursday's Senate State Agencies Committee meeting at which Senator Bryan King's voter ID bill was discussed. The first clip below is testimony in favor of the bill by Senator King and AAI President Dan Greenberg. The second video is testimony against the bill by Holly Dickson of the ACLU.  The committee meeting was approximately 2 hours long and we do have more video. If you're interested in seeing it, leave … [Read more...]

Jerry Cox Weighs In On Pro-Life Developments!

jerry cox

Two bills of significant impact took steps forward in the legislative process at the state capitol today: one is Rep. Andy Mayberry's "fetal pain bill" which cleared the House Public Health Committee today. The other is Senator Jason Rapert's "heartbeat bill" which passed the full Senate today by a vote of 28-6. What do these bills actually say? Will they become law? What will their impact be on public policy in Arkansas if they do become law? These are the types of questions I asked Mr. … [Read more...]

The Legislature Is In Session. Yay.


Today, the illustrious and magnificent 89th General Assembly convened for the first time. New legislators were sworn in. Tears were shed. Hearts were touched. Taxes raised. Sorry, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Okay, but seriously, there’s hopefully some good stuff around the corner. Who knows, maybe tax reform, maybe school choice; maybe some actual solutions our state’s Medicaid crisis? A guy can dream. In addition to the swearings in, Speaker of the House Davy Carter announced … [Read more...]