Lawsuit Shows The Constitutional Carry Fight Isn’t Over


A lawsuit filed by a Searcy man last year could end up clarifying Second Amendment rights and the function of Act 746 in Arkansas. From the Washington Times: A pending lawsuit in which an Arkansas man is seeking reinstatement of his permit to carry a concealed weapon may settle some confusion and even disagreement on the rights of the state’s citizens to openly carry … [Read more...]

Constitutional Rights in Bald Knob — An Autopsy

Bald Knob

There's a climate of lawlessness in Bald Knob, and some of that climate comes from its police. First, the town’s chief of police arrested Richard Chambless for openly carrying a firearm (although open carry is legal in Arkansas). Then that chief made some inaccurate comments about the gun laws in Arkansas, revealing a frightening view of how to police his town. Then the … [Read more...]

Arkansas Should Expand Gun Rights Without Limiting Property Rights

arkansas expand gun rights-01

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge rejected the title of a proposed constitutional ballot amendment last week that would’ve required private businesses to either allow open carry of firearms or pay for a “security screening checkpoint.” The proposed amendment has the laudable goal of “increasing the safety and security of Arkansans” while also balancing “the rights of the … [Read more...]

Summer Break Should Be Over For AG’s Office on Act 746

act 746 opinion leslie rutledge

What happened yesterday to Richard Chambless in Bald Knob was a disgrace. Whenever this case is taken up by a higher court on appeal, I hope Chambless’s guilty verdict will be overturned. In the meantime, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge could ensure that other citizens don’t receive the same unfair treatment from law enforcement that Chambless got. To put it bluntly, … [Read more...]

Bald Knob Constitutional Carry Trial Tomorrow

bkpd act 746 arrest-01

Last week we reported on the Bald Knob Police Department’s (BKPD) egregious treatment of Richard Chambless, a man who was arrested just for the open carrying of a firearm. That’s legal under Act 746 (as long as the carrier doesn’t intend to do anything unlawful), but that didn’t stop the BKPD from arresting Chambless for misdemeanor charges of carrying a weapon and … [Read more...]