Arkansas Second In Gun Ownership In The Nation. That’s Good!

Second Amendment

Arkansas has the second-highest gun ownership rate in the nation, according to a study by Injury Prevention. As a supporter of the Second Amendment, I think this is great news, but the ivory-tower academics who worked on this study aren’t so sure. From the study: We assessed gun ownership rates in 2013 across the USA and the association between exposure to a social gun … [Read more...]

Local Governments Still Misreading Act 746


Despite statements from Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, and Gov. Asa Hutchinson that Arkansans are now allowed to openly carry holstered guns under Act 746 of 2013, some local government officials are still ignoring the clear import of this law. The Cabot Police Department said Monday afternoon: There have been numerous requests for … [Read more...]

Concealed Carry Saves Lives


During the previous legislative session, we pushed back against the anti-gun rhetoric from the left. One of those talking points from the anti-gun “Keep Guns Off Our Campus” group was that the idea of a “good guy with a gun” was a “myth.” One example from last week shows why a “good guy with a gun” isn’t a “myth” and can end up saving lives. From The Blaze: Leaving an … [Read more...]

Boozman Fights for Your Ammo

Second Amendment

The federal government may be coming for your ammunition. But if Senator John Boozman has his way, they won’t get it. Earlier this year, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) proposed a regulation to ban the manufacture of M855 ammunition (a type of .223 caliber ammunition), claiming that it was armor-piercing. There were a variety of legal problems with … [Read more...]

House Ignores Emotional, Anti-Gun Rhetoric And Passes “Campus Carry”


State Rep. Charlie Collins’s “Campus Carry” bill easily passed out of the state House Monday afternoon. Arkansans are now one step closer to being able to exercise their Second Amendment rights on public university campuses. Legislators, so far, have rightly ignored the fear-mongering from the anti-gun left. Indeed, last week one out-of-state group insinuated that passage … [Read more...]