Robbie Wills Would Like to Be Your Congressperson Now

Robbie Wills: candidate, family man, naked person

Arkansas Rep. Robbie "Robert" Wills, the supreme leader of the Arkansas House of Representatives, announced today that he's jumping in to the race to succeed retiring Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder in Congress. Wills is the second Democrat to announce for the seat—state Sen. Joyce Elliott said last week that she's running for the Second District seat as well. Three Republicans — Tim Griffin, David Meeks and Scott Wallace — are slugging it out in a primary on the GOP side, and by all accounts the … [Read more...]

Shocker: Rep. Marion Berry Bows Out! (Updated)

Rep. Marion Berry

Rumors of Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry's possible retirement from his First District Congressional seat — fueled by a radio interview with KUAR's Ron Breeding last week in which Berry hedged on the question of whether he was running again — are proving to have been on the mark. Berry's retirement announcement is pending, and may come as early as Sunday evening. (UPDATE: Looks like I was a little behind the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, who says the Berry announcement will come tomorrow. Roby … [Read more...]

Vic Snyder Has Terrible Poll Numbers, Also

Vic Snyder sees polling woes

Say, you know who's breathing a sigh of relief this morning? Sen. Blanche Lincoln — because for once people will be talking about terrible poll numbers that aren't hers. Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm out of North Carolina, reports that a recent survey of Arkansas' second Congressional district shows only 42 percent of voters approving of Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder's performance, with 46 percent disapproving. Snyder polls strongly with Dems, but he's hurting amongst … [Read more...]

2010 Campaigns: The Keeper of the Scrolls

Let it scroll

Lots of new developments these last few days with some of the Arkansas 2010 political races, and we've been updating our running lists of candidates to reflect the new activity. For your convenience, I've added a link to all the campaign tipsheets over in the right-hand navigation bar on the page. Right there, on your right. No, over there, that blue bar where it says "2010 Campaigns." There. Right there. Right. There. See it? Yes? Good. Jesus. Most of the activity this week appears to have … [Read more...]

Crawford Makes It Official

In case you missed it, Jonesboro radio man Rick Crawford, a Republican, announced last evening his official entry into the 2010 race to challenge Democratic Rep. Marion Berry. (The Arkansas Project, in one of our rare fits of usefulness, broke the news that Crawford was forming an exploratory committee in April.) Crawford's full announcement is at the jump. More on the state's four congressional races for 2010 is over here. … [Read more...]

Krystal Thrailkill Announces Run for House District 22

Krystal Thrailkill, a Democrat, announced this week that she'll run for the Arkansas House of Representatives in District 22. The seat is currently held by Democratic Rep. Bill Abernathy, who is term-limited. The full text of her release is below the jump. For our running tally of who's running for the House, click here. (Let me know if you see any names missing from the list—it's a work in progress.) … [Read more...]

Arkansas 2010 Congressional Races

Arkansas Congressional Delegation

This was intended to publish last week, but those bedeviling server woes held us up. So here's our final entry in our listing of Arkansas political races for 2010, which lists who's in (or exploring or considering or rumored) for the state's four Congressional seats. This one's timely, as Roby Brock just released poll numbers a few days ago showing Arkansans are something less than enthusiastic about the job that Congress is doing. "Are we seeing an anti-incumbent sentiment in the making?" Roby … [Read more...]

Who Is The Mystery Candidate Challenging John Boozman? (Updated!: It’s This Guy!)

Who's the mystery primary challenger to Boozman?

The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas reports that a candidate is going to challenge GOP Rep. John Boozman in a Republican primary for the Third District House seat and will announce on August 3. The only catch is that they're not telling WHO this person might be, which is just about the douchiest move I can imagine. So, Arkansas Project readers, I command you: Let's shake this joker's name loose. Who is it? Shoot me an e-mail or drop your suggestions in the comments. I have a suspicion as to … [Read more...]