State Rep. Hallum Pleads Guilty to Absentee Voter Fraud

I’ll miss those ties.

I don’t have much information at this time, but liberal blogger Michael Cook from Talk Politics has tweeted that state Rep. Hudson Hallum has pled guilty to absentee voter fraud before a grand jury today.  He also reports that Hallum has resigned his seat in the legislature.

Hallum’s only election opponent is Green Party nominee and former Harlem Globetrotter, the “Tim Tebow” of state representatives, Fred Smith, who apparently has more political lives than a cat.

This is truly bad news for Hallum, who just yesterday was tweeting his allegiance to Barack Obama.  And how on earth is he going to afford his lucrative tie budget?

We’ll have more details as they develop, but all I can say for now is: there is now confirmed voter fraud in Arkansas and no wonder Hallum has opposed Voter ID laws!

*Arkansas Project flashback: Allegations of voter fraud in Hallum’s race, AAI’s Greenberg weighs in.


  1. Obviously this is incorrect. I have it on good authority… well, ok, an assurance from Brantley, but still… that voter fraud does not occur. Ever. This story must be in error, as the Oracle of Hillcrest is NEVER wrong!

  2. Shane Deitert says:

    Well this wasn’t voter fraud it was election fraud….How stupid could Hallum be? The sad thing is he will not spend a day in jail. He will get a paron and go on with life.


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