Shocker: Vic Snyder Bows Out! (Updated)

Vic "Victor" SnyderHere, Arkansas: Here’s your political “holy shit” moment of the day—Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder of the Second Congressional District announces he’ll retire. Full statement at jump.

Republican Tim Griffin has been making a spirited run to challenge Snyder on the GOP side, facing Scott Wallace and David Meeks in the Republican primary. Soooo…who will jump in on the Democratic side? In true Arkansas Project fashion, let’s let mindless, ill-informed speculation run rampant. Hash it out in the comments section, fools.

UPDATE: Griffin offers a statement in response, also at jump.

Washington D.C. – U.S. Representative Vic Snyder (AR-02) issued the following statement today:

“2010 will be a robust election year during which great forces collide to set the direction for our country for another two years.  Over the last several weeks Betsy and I have had discussions with family and friends including other members of Congress (Rep. David Price, Rep. Susan Davis, and our own Sen. Mark Pryor) regarding the appropriate balance between family and Congressional service when a family has very young children.  I have concluded that these election-year forces are no match for the persuasive and powerful attraction of our three one-year old boys under the leadership of their three-year old brother, and I have decided not to run for re-election.  It is the greatest professional honor of my life to represent Arkansas in the U.S. House of Representatives, and I am so grateful to the people of Arkansas to have had this wonderful opportunity.  That honor will now pass to someone else at the conclusion of this term.”

“This decision has not been an easy one.  Two weeks ago my campaign manager came on board, but that first morning I advised him to do nothing to begin the campaign because of my doubts regarding running.  The onset of the new year, the time I always begin organizing my campaigns, did nothing to remove these doubts.”

“I have put very little thought into what the work side of my life will look like at the end of this term, although it is clear from observing how much our four little boys eat that I will be working for a long, long time.”

Statement from Tim Griffin, GOP primary contender:

LITTLE ROCK – Second District Congressional candidate, U.S. Army Reservist and former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin today issued the following statement in reaction to Rep. Vic Snyder’s decision not to seek re-election in 2010:

“I respect Rep. Snyder’s decision not to seek re-election. I thank him for his many years of service to the nation both in uniform and in Washington. I look forward to continuing a vigorous grassroots campaign on common sense conservative principles, including private-sector job creation, reducing the national debt and market-based health care reform.”


  1. If “trev” wants to win he need to join either the Rep or Dem primary races.

  2. Joe Says:
    January 21st, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    If “trev” wants to win he need to join either the Rep or Dem primary races.

    Some people just don’t trust “the people” I see. You sound like a spokesperson for the mafia issuing an ultimatum. ( not that you are – but consider what you just stated in the United States of America at that. )

    You are speaking to a life long republican who left after the RNC/GOP shoved a looser down our throats in tha last presidential elections. That was a good Ole Boy choice, period. ( see eaglesnest2(dot)ning(dot)com also see Green Beret Ted Sampley’s site usvetdsp(dot)com Ted recently died – he was co-founder or Rolling Thunder and a staunch supporter of our Military, Vets and PoW/MIA. ) I have seen them pull the same/same in local elections. I always wonder if there was a payoff. BTW: The info at that site is provided by a personal friend Col. Ted Guy, one of the mostly highly decorated vets from all era’s. He was also McCains SRO at the plantation pw camp. If he didn’t die in 1999 he was going to stump after McCain and call him on the carpet when ever/where ever he could. He started ( despite all the spin other wise ) the Just Say NO To John McCain move just before he passed away.

    In fine, despite Trev is facing two “Goliaths'” who think they own who is elected, the peoples sling shot has more power to do what may be considered an out side the norm confirmation ( as after all it’s the peoples seat ) via the polls than many want to admit, and in the end thats what scares the begeebers out of both parties.

    Forward, inch by ince till Trev’s elected by the PEOPLE not by a party like the most recent sellout in Massachusett. Here he is spitting in the people face as he pushes socialized health-care no matter how much he tries to water it down.

    Get one REAL step closer to reclaiming our nation VOTE Trevor Drown trevordrown(dot)ning(dot)com

  3. We blast what we are afraid of. Drew, sorry that you are getting so much heat in here, when you are trying to have a decent political discourse. It is the pecking order my friend. Regardless whether you finished your journey in the military or not, at least you tried. Which I have the feeling many of your detractors never had the balls to do.

    The same with Trevor Drown, many of his detractors have never served, want to tear someone down because he stepped up when asked and they are scared. They are very scared. Baker’s own internal polls show in a three way race Baker getting more votes than Lincoln but losing to Drown. Each one they have run in the last two months show the same thing. It is pretty bad when a UPS worker/Green Beret and Afghan War Vet has greater name recognition than a sitting Arkansas State Senator. Drown is Baker’s target, the other republicans are not important. That is why the leadership of some of these Tea Parties keep pushing the split the vote issue five months out from the primary. A few of them have hijacked the tea-party and are pushing Baker’s agenda. Since only three percent of all registered voters in Arkansas are Republicans and a third of them are running for US Senate, how can you split something which doesn’t exist? It is comical to see the rest of the party sinking, while Lincoln is the target. Replacing her doesn’t fix the problme of a sinking ship.

    Hang in there Drew! Ten more months to go.

  4. The art of war. says:

    Drew you’re so stupid. You know how people can tell when you come to your own defense under an assumed name? Because NO ONE likes you. NO ONE would ever come to your defense. You have zero redeeming likeable qualities. Not even liberals like you. They don’t even vote for you.
    I used to think maybe you were a guy who had some knowledge about politics but your mental illness affected your ability to be useful to the Democrats, but when you post under the name “Cloudy Skies” claim Ted Thomas ran for Congress, and looking at your academic history, I think you are just a certifiable idiot.
    But please don’t go away Andrew. Keep calling all the media and declaring for every office that comes open. As a Republican I love the headline “Democrat Drew Pritt Want to Become First Gay Lt Governor/Senator/Congressman/State Representative/ City Council Member/School Board Member.
    The Conservative Democrats and independents in Arkansas love a Liberal Homosexual. You’re a real asset to your party.

  5. The art of war. Says:
    January 23rd, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Drew you’re so stupid. You know how people can tell when you come to your own defense under an assumed name?

    Your so wrong. I know who Cloudy Skies is and it ain’t him. Its an SF support kinda guy.

    Trevor Drown (I) For US Senate Arkansas

  6. Must ve Republican or Democrat to Win?

    Patrick Henry said:
    “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?”

  7. An Interesting Observation on How Arkansas Republicans are Freaking Out about Losing Blanche Lincoln’s Seat

    I have been watching politics off and on pretty much for 35 years. There is no doubt this year will be a watershed moment in our country’s history. Emotions and excitement are building up like never before. A friend of mine, who I served with, Trevor Drown, is running for the US Senate in Arkansas. For those that don’t know he is the Green Beret and Afghan War Vet who has chosen to run as an independent.

    What is fascinating to me is some of the anger and vitriol which is coming from the right in Arkansas and across the nation, especially from self-professed conservatives or tea-party members. Splitting the vote is the common theme even when the general election was 14 months out. Now with 10 months or so until the election occurs, it is a stale and tired argument, especially in Arkansas.

    This populist state which many consider conservative doesn’t trust the state republican party. They haven’t for years. Case in point; only 3 percent of all registered voters are republicans, while 92 percent choose to be independents. Only one republican has become a US Senator from Arkansas in 132 years. Only five in Arkansas’ history and none have ever been reelected. That is a dismal track record. When you factor in over the years all the seats at the State and Federal level that republicans have not even run one single candidate, you have to wonder how they even exist. It is a well known mantra, in Arkansas we vote the person, not the man!

    We are all entitled to free speech; goodness knows I swore an oath at 17 as do so many others to secure your right to do that. As I said splitting the vote seems to be the stale thought which is presented over and over. Now it is my turn for free speech. For those of you in the Republican Party or the ones that have infiltrated the leadership of some of the Tea Parties in Arkansas, your view is very much like the Fascists of the NAZI party in Germany, the Communists of the Soviet Union and the Klan of your own state 60 years ago.

    Your efforts to insist and demand a veteran of this country needs to join a political party; smacks of all three of those combined. You would try and force someone who swore an oath and tell him he has to join a party otherwise he would split the vote and get Blanche Lincoln elected. What happens if he doesn’t? Dirty tricks? Wait those have already happened. Threats? Yep, those too. Violence? Not yet, but your kind of people burn crosses on the lawn, put people in camps, try and limit their speech, and much worse.

    It is very telling ten months out, the state GOP has nine and could be as many as eleven people running for Blanche Lincoln’s seat. However, Trevor Drown, a common man who has done uncommon things who the people of Arkansas asked to run for US Senate is the one which has you worried enough to exercise your right of free speech. Do you honestly, think replacing Senator Lincoln, will solve all the problems in Arkansas? Take a moment and look at your party, its lack of leadership, corruption, incompetence and lack of cohesion. Trevor Drown is not your problem; he and others like him are our solution.

    Now go to the mirror and look at yourself, read the constitution, go to your house of worship, talk to your pastor and see if your actions are worthy of an American. Is this what I served my country for? Did you really deserve the selfless service and sacrifice which so many have given for this country? You should be begging for more people like Trevor to step up and take the mantle of leadership. We need more leaders who will put the people of Arkansas above any political party, special interest group or corporation.

    Here is my nonpolitically correct answer to your comments that Trevor Drown should run as a republican.

    Pound Sand!


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