Sanders: Griffin’s Out for 2010 Senate

Griffin: Er, never mind.

Griffin: Er, never mind.

It’s the Sunday before Memorial Day, and you probably thought you’d not be seeing any big political news coming out of this weekend, right?

Well, shut up, because Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders is about to teach you a thing or two. Sanders breaks a little news today, reporting that former interim U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin tells the dapper columnist he will NOT run for the U.S. Senate. He cites other professional and family obligations as to why we’ll have to wait for another time.


  1. barbara says:

    No surprise here. Well-played, Tim.

    Left Max out there hanging… and now makes Sanders actually look relevant.

    Perhaps Blank was celebrating a bit too early with her liberal bretheren, no?

  2. Go Gilbert Go says:


    Weren’t you just talking about what a great candidate that Griffin was going to be and how he had $1 million ready in DC?

  3. Gee, and he had the state CRs psyched lining up to volunteer… they have to be at least a little annoyed. On that note, Rick Crawford would happen to need a little help on the campaign…


  1. [...] County Republicans land guest speakers for this week’s Lincoln Day dinner: Tim Griffin, who announced last weekend that he won’t run for Senate, and Sen. Kim Hendren, who seriously needs to end his run for Senate. (Harrison Daily [...]