Late Arrival: Tom Cotton Still Eyeing Senate Race

Will Republican attorney Tom Cotton, just back from U.S. Army duty in Afghanistan, declare for U.S. Senate soon? Perhaps!

We were noting the buzz that Cotton would challenge Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln a couple of months back, and columnist John Brummett pushed the story along last week with his note that Cotton was meeting with Arkansas Sen. Gilbert Baker to discuss the race.

And today, there it is on the national Powerline blog: “Now, in light of the weakness of the Republican field, (Cotton) is thinking about filling the void.” Meme alert! Meme alert! Discuss.

Don’t forget to check our (absurdly long) list of potential challengers to Lincoln. It will really make you think when you see some of the names on this list.  You’ll think things like “Who?” and “Why?” and “Huh?”


  1. Bill from Sheridan says:

    It me it seems pretty evident that Cotton will be the nominee. I’m very excited about his chances against Blanche.

  2. Tom Terrific to the rescue!

  3. I am guessing at some point Cotton is going to have to make sure his first name isn’t “Harvard Educated” which is how it has appeared in every story. I would imagine that identification doesn’t always play well for him outside of the ivy league elite in Arkansas.

  4. I’ve been waiting for someone like Tom to run in an Arkansas race for a long time. I just hope the Arkansas electorate agrees.