The Real Beebe Jobs Record

Real Beebe Job Numbers

If you watch or read the news in Arkansas, you probably hear a lot about outgoing Gov. Mike Beebe’s record of “job creation.” One political columnist recently claimed that “economic development was a hallmark of the Beebe era.” Gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross released his first television ad earlier this year, attempting to tie himself to Beebe and claiming in an accompanying statement: Arkansas has made tremendous progress under Governor Beebe…I want to build on the foundations Governor … [Read more...]

Who’s On The Obamacare Chopping Block? The Truly Needy

Medicaid (Cut 3.43 Save 1.00)

A new report from the Foundation of Government Accountability paints a dire fiscal picture for Arkansas taxpayers in the coming years. The report, authored by Jonathan Ingram, reveals that Medicaid spending nationwide has “more than doubled” since 2000. Under Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, Medicaid spending will continue to skyrocket and, at some point, states are going to be forced to deal with this fiscal storm. This will be a daunting task for states -- particularly Arkansas -- because of … [Read more...]

Report: $14.4 Billion In Fraudulent Medicaid Payments Last Year

Medicaid Fraud ($14.4 Billion)

A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals that federal taxpayers financed $14.4 billion in “improper payments” last year -- and who knows how much state taxpayers pitched in: In fiscal year 2013, the Medicaid program covered about 71.7 million individuals at a cost of $431.1 billion, of which CMS estimated that $14.4 billion (5.8 percent) were improper payments. GAO says the program is so big and “diverse,” it’s tough to monitor fraud. Some of this fraud includes violation … [Read more...]

White House: States Rejecting Obamacare Expansion Save Taxpayers $88 Billion

Awkward Obama

A new report released by the Obama White House last week reveals the extraordinary taxpayer savings created by the states that are declining Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion -- and how much expansion states are costing taxpayers. By not expanding Medicaid, 24 states are saving taxpayers $88 billion over the next three years. That is $88 billion that will not be added to the national debt -- debt that will not be passed on to future generations of taxpayers. On the other hand, states that have … [Read more...]

Arkansas Policy Leaders Debunk Medicaid Myths

Medicaid Myth Busted (Dark)

Over the weekend, two op-eds from Arkansas policy leaders appeared in one of Utah’s largest newspapers. The topic: Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. The first piece was drafted by Rep. Joe Farrer and Senator Bryan King, two leading opponents of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in the Arkansas legislature. The piece was penned in response to the false statements made by Senator David Sanders, Arkansas-Obamacare spokesman, in his Utah op-ed late last month. (In that column, Sanders said that, … [Read more...]

Here’s Why ‘Private’ Option HIAs Will Be Nothing Like Actual Health Savings Accounts

Government Dependency Accounts

On Thursday, we looked at the “Health Independence Accounts” that are being written up by state bureaucrats in order to make conservatives feel better about their Arkansas-Obamacare expansion. It’s a frustrating development, because taxpayers were promised real cost-sharing and real “skin in the game” in the form of “Health Savings Accounts” from the very inception of the Obamacare “private” option. Unfortunately, as I explained Thursday, this promise of reform was broken. Instead, tens of … [Read more...]

Brace Yourselves, Taxpayers: The Obamacare ‘Private’ Option Will Be Even Worse Next Year

Yoda Believe (Vertical)

On Tuesday, Arkansas Obamacare supporters rolled out a set of changes to the state’s newest entitlement program, misnamed the “private” option. According to proponents, these changes will increase “personal responsibility.” But a closer look reveals that state decision-makers are trying to reduce the amount of “skin in the game” for Medicaid expansion enrollees, shifting even more of the financial burden onto taxpayers. In order to create “personal investment” in the free health plans, … [Read more...]

In The News: Surging, Skyrocketing, & Skydiving

arkansas news

Here’s a triad of stories with implications for Arkansas taxpayers that are setting the internet ablaze today. 1. Fraudulent Medicaid enrollment is surging under Obamacare. Don’t miss this story from some guy and Josh Archambault: Arkansas is the only Southern state to embrace ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, though buyer’s remorse may be setting in. Just last week, the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) announced that nearly 5,000 enrollees in the state’s Medicaid expansion are … [Read more...]