The Arkansas Times: A Fair-Weather Friend of Free Speech


Free-speech spinelessness is prevalent in Arkansas -- and such spinelessness is an especially notable disability when it’s discovered in journalists. So I was sad to observe, a few days ago, the Arkansas Times’s demonstration of something less than full commitment to the freedoms that our Founders enshrined in the First Amendment. Take a look at the Times’s recent story on … [Read more...]

About Debra Hale-Shelton’s Obsession with Michael Morton


Over the past 15 years, nursing home owner Michael Morton has contributed roughly $1.2 million to political campaigns in Arkansas. Should anyone be surprised that political fundraisers might try to meet with him? Apparently, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Debra Hale-Shelton finds this fact startling. She elaborated on this jaw-dropping event in an ADG front-page story in … [Read more...]

Why Wait for Any Evidence?


You often hear the complaint that not enough people are involved in politics. In the leftist magazine The Nation, for instance, you’ll find a story claiming that “political apathy threatens our nation.” Yet we routinely see widespread demonization of the relatively few private citizens who get involved in the political process. The Koch brothers are probably the most glaring … [Read more...]

John Burris’s (Excellent) New Opinion Column


I admit that I had low expectations when I first heard that former state legislator John Burris had become a columnist for Talk Business & Politics. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Too many columnists seem to believe that the dreariest, most shopworn kind of conventional wisdom is something that’s worth sharing with the world. Burris has been blessedly free of this malady … [Read more...]

Max Brantley: Letting People Make Decisions About Their Own Medical Treatment Is Really Dangerous

brantley outrageometer

Max Brantley has compiled a list of quasi-arguments against “right to try” legislation, which is the label for the proposal that passed out of Senate Public Health yesterday to let the terminally ill try potentially life-saving drugs that have received preliminary government approval. He explains that “right to try” has “many flaws.” Here’s his list. It’s not an … [Read more...]