Is Matt Campbell Qualified To Blog?


As we’ve noted before, sometimes Matt Campbell posts insightful legal analysis containing persuasive legal arguments. And sometimes he completely misses the mark by making arguments that would get an attorney laughed out of court. The difficulty is that he doesn’t seem to be able to tell when he’s making strong arguments or weak ones. Recently, Campbell posted about a recent public statement from Judge Rhonda Wood. (As is their habit, the Arkansas Times uncritically and robotically … [Read more...]

Breaking: Lieutenant Governor’s Office Employs Staff!


Sometime in the last seven days, liberal columnist John Brummett apparently discovered that the lieutenant governor’s office employs staff. To Brummett, this is scandalous because former LG Mark Darr resigned at the end of last week. The “office” of LG is now vacant. One problem with Brummett’s outrage, however: Senator Michael Lamoureux will be performing the duties of the LG’s office, in addition to performing his Senate duties. So you would think that, if the staff helped the LG do work … [Read more...]

Sorry, No Podcast This Week

Try not to cry.

I know, I know. This is truly awful news. But we spread ourselves a little too thin this week and just ran out of hours to put together a good show. And besides, it's not like anything interesting happened this week. Like on Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Maybe something interesting will happen next week and we'll have something to talk about. If for some strange reason you just can't wait until next Friday to hear my voice, feel free to visit our podcast archives … [Read more...]

Our Year In Review

2013 collage

2013 was a colossal year for not only did we double our web traffic from 2012, we also saw our highest traffic year on record since we began our affiliation with the Advance Arkansas Institute. We broke several high-profile news stories, including the arrest of (now former) State Treasurer Martha Shoffner. Here’s a look at our top ten stories for 2013: The Greatest Untold Story of the 89th General Assembly Have Yourself A Conway Crony … [Read more...]

Listen To The Paul Harrell Program Here

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Happy to be joining The Paul Harrell Program from 4:00 to 5:2o today. You can listen live here: Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]

Join Me In Jonesboro!

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Tomorrow night, I will be speaking to the Northeast Arkansas TEA Party in Jonesboro. We’ll talk about the Jonesboro special Senate election, the upcoming fiscal session, and more! If you’re in the area, swing by Barnhills Buffet at 5:30 p.m. and join us. Also, preceding the meeting, I will have the distinct honor of co-hosting The Paul Harrell Program, in studio, starting at 4:00 p.m. on The Answer To Us Network. You can tune in live on Paul’s nifty website. (And, if you just can’t get enough … [Read more...]

The Blue Hog Gets Another Grilling


As our regular readers will recall, Matt Campbell frequently discovers ethics problems that do not actually exist. That’s not to say that he’s always off target: as a lawyer, he’s a hell of an investigative journalist. But his political enthusiasm often outpaces his legal analysis. For instance, he recently announced that he had discovered a state employee doing political work on state time because (cue dramatic music) he had discovered that this state employee had emailed several newspaper … [Read more...]

Coming This Monday: Make New Friends, See Gorgeous Women, and Learn More about Obamacare in Little Rock

    As you may have noticed, the federal government’s attempt to inform people about how Obamacare helps them is a miserable failure. State government has called a halt to Obamacare publicity as well. How will the people know what our government has in store for them? Americans for Prosperity will fill that vacuum Monday night with a star-studded panel of woman health-care experts at the Statehouse Convention Center (101 East Markham) in Little Rock: Dana Perino, FOX News … [Read more...]