No, Federal Bureaucrats Don’t Need Machine Guns

Demilitarization Act (Good Idea _1)

The statement that “Democracy means that if the doorbell rings in the early hours, it is likely to be the milkman” is often credited to Winston Churchill. In America in 2014, however, that doorbell is too likely to be rung by a federal bureaucrat leading a SWAT team to raid your property. Of course, in a California case in 2011, the Department of Education’s SWAT team (yes, you read that right) wasn’t even courteous enough to knock: From National Review: The proliferation of paramilitary … [Read more...]

Breaking: Beebe Admin ‘Increasingly Concerned’ That Obamacare Critics Don’t Like Obamacare Expansion

Cozy with DeCample (1)

A new report at Forbes this morning reveals some troubling facts about how Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe’s staff is spending its time. In late May, Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample sent an email to Forbes editor Coates Bateman. DeCample was none-too-pleased with Forbes’s detailed coverage of the failures of Beebe’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion program. You remember: the program that’s been over budget every single month since its inception. According to DeCample, the Beebe administration is … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor’s No Good, Very Bad Day

Tornado - Pryor Camp Attack Ad

It seems like just yesterday Mark Pryor staffers and supporters were all excited about a new campaign video regarding Tom Cotton and disaster relief. To me, it seemed a tad cynical to use storm victims as props for a political ad, but I figured maybe I was just being overly sensitive. However, it never occurred to me that at least one of the owners of the damaged property featured in the video was not okay with his property being featured in the ad. But today we found out that’s exactly … [Read more...]

Don’t Ban Books, Just Chase Away Researchers: The Latest on the “Real Hot Mess” at the University of Arkansas

Free Beacon Censorship (U of A Emblem)

The Washington Free Beacon wasn’t the only news organization with concerns about the University of Arkansas library special collections archive policy which requires media to fill out a “permission to publish” form. A producer with ABC also thought the policy might be unconstitutional, according to University of Arkansas spokesman Steve Voorhies. Voorhies said in an email Thursday: In February the producer who was working on the “Blair Papers” story for ABC expressed concerns about it, … [Read more...]

The Arkansas Project Adds A New All-Star

Caleb welcome

Today, we're making an exciting announcement here at The Arkansas Project: we're adding a new, all-star reporter to our journalism team! Caleb Taylor, most recently with The Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs, begins today as a full-time reporter for He’s a native of White County and graduated from Henderson State University in 2011. Before joining the Sentinel-Record, he wrote for the Pennsylvania Independent and The Daily Press in Paragould, Arkansas. Caleb will make our … [Read more...]

Is Matt Campbell Qualified To Blog?


As we’ve noted before, sometimes Matt Campbell posts insightful legal analysis containing persuasive legal arguments. And sometimes he completely misses the mark by making arguments that would get an attorney laughed out of court. The difficulty is that he doesn’t seem to be able to tell when he’s making strong arguments or weak ones. Recently, Campbell posted about a recent public statement from Judge Rhonda Wood. (As is their habit, the Arkansas Times uncritically and robotically … [Read more...]

Breaking: Lieutenant Governor’s Office Employs Staff!


Sometime in the last seven days, liberal columnist John Brummett apparently discovered that the lieutenant governor’s office employs staff. To Brummett, this is scandalous because former LG Mark Darr resigned at the end of last week. The “office” of LG is now vacant. One problem with Brummett’s outrage, however: Senator Michael Lamoureux will be performing the duties of the LG’s office, in addition to performing his Senate duties. So you would think that, if the staff helped the LG do work … [Read more...]

Sorry, No Podcast This Week

Try not to cry.

I know, I know. This is truly awful news. But we spread ourselves a little too thin this week and just ran out of hours to put together a good show. And besides, it's not like anything interesting happened this week. Like on Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Maybe something interesting will happen next week and we'll have something to talk about. If for some strange reason you just can't wait until next Friday to hear my voice, feel free to visit our podcast archives … [Read more...]