Voting Against Weakened Term Limits Doesn’t Make You a Nut


Yesterday the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette featured an interesting quote from state Senator Jon Woods about Issue 3, a constitutional amendment that would greatly weaken term limits. Woods said in Arkansas Online: We got some individuals in the Republican Party that passed a resolution on a Saturday when everyone else was with their family, and it does not reflect the entire Republican Party. It does not reflect all Republicans. You just have a couple of nuts that got together on a Saturday … [Read more...]

The State Supreme Court’s (Literally) Peculiar Decision

Voter ID (Peculiar)

Late yesterday afternoon, our state’s Supreme Court struck down the voter ID law that the Arkansas General Assembly passed last year. It is, in many respects, a very unusual decision. In Martin v. Kohls, a majority of Justices determined that Act 595 of 2013 would add an additional (and impermissible) requirement to vote: Act 595’s added requirement of providing a proof of identity as a prerequisite to voting runs afoul of article 3, section 1, of the Arkansas Constitution. Section 1 of … [Read more...]

Texas Rethinks Crony Capitalism. Will Arkansas?

Texas Crony Capitalism

Grant Tennille, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC), is probably best known on this blog for this quote in 2012 regarding crony capitalism: I say this all the time. I hate incentives. I don’t think we ever should pay a dime to anybody to do anything. But I feel about incentives the same way I feel about nuclear weapons. I will happily be the second guy to put mine down." Interestingly enough, Texas has at least begun discussing ending crony capitalism in … [Read more...]

Poll: Low Support for O’Care in Arkansas

Obamacare (Low AR Support)

A new poll out today from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) shows that despite some campaigns’ and officials’ ideas to the contrary, Obamacare is still a political loser in Arkansas for 2014. From FGA: Over 60 percent of likely voters in Arkansas say they are unlikely to support a candidate who supports ObamaCare in the upcoming election, meaning candidates who support or helped pass Arkansas’ Private Option Medicaid expansion have a target on their backs this November, … [Read more...]

McLean Cuts Class

McLean Plays Hooky

Rep. James McLean, chair of the House Education Committee, has been skipping class. You’ll remember McLean from our reporting last month. He’s in a state Senate race against former House member Linda Collins-Smith, a conservative Republican. McLean is the inaugural member of the ever-growing Davy Carter wing of the Arkansas Democratic Party. In his endorsement, Carter said: At a minimum, to be a “great public servant” and someone “who works across party isles,” you have to show up … [Read more...]

Another Case Shows Need For Right-To-Record Law

Filming Cops (Sebastian County)

Another law enforcement agency was in the news recently after it paid the cost for attempting to restrict the right of citizens to film law enforcement. After a Sebastian County Sheriff’s Deputy agreed to accept a $40,000 judgement against himself for, apparently, arresting a citizen who was filming cops executing a search warrant, the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office decided it needed to remind its employees about a little ol’ thing called the Constitution. From Arkansas News: Following … [Read more...]

House Speaker More Loyal to Obamacare than Political Party


In the course of tweeting the finer points of the Miss America pageant Sunday night, Speaker of the House (and alleged Republican) Davy Carter apparently thought it would be a good time to endorse James McLean, a Democrat, in his race against Republican candidate, Linda Collins-Smith. I e-mailed Carter to see if this was an official endorsement, but I never heard back from him. Carter’s statement is one of many examples that show how private option architects are becoming increasingly … [Read more...]

Arkansas’s Republican Future


Fred Barnes just published a fascinating article in the Weekly Standard about the collapse of the Democratic Party in Arkansas. He visited Arkansas last week and interviewed (and quoted) a lot of smart, perceptive people. He also talked to me. One interesting thing about Barnes’s piece is that it lets the facts speak for themselves. He draws attention to the timeline of the erosion and disappearance of our state legislature’s Democratic majority, which began two years after President Obama … [Read more...]