“I Want to Believe” This Isn’t Obamacare


X-Files fans are familiar with the poster in Fox Mulder’s office. If you weren’t an X-files watcher, you probably don’t know that Mulder, an investigator of paranormal phenomena, gradually uncovered an interplanetary alien conspiracy to take over our planet. It’s a free country: people are entitled to believe in interplanetary alien conspiracies, or indeed to believe in whatever they want. But if Fox Mulder were in the Arkansas state senate, that would be a problem. When people who are state … [Read more...]

New Poll Shows Plurality Less Likely to Support “Private Option,” Oppose Medicaid Expansion

private option poll

Today, as the Advance Arkansas Institute kicks off their Medicaid town hall tour across the state, AAI has released a new scientific poll on the “private option” plan. The Senate passed the plan on Friday, although the results of this survey suggest that a 75 percent vote (which will be required in order to spend Medicaid money) will be difficult to achieve. According to the poll, a plurality of Arkansans are “less likely” to support expansion under the private option model -- they would … [Read more...]

The Private Medicaid Option: From the Sphinx’s Mouth

skeptical Churchill

Yesterday, I attended a meeting of conservative activists and legislators at the Capitol. Senator David Sanders and Representative Randy Alexander were the guest speakers. The topic was Medicaid reform / expansion / the ”private option.” Winston Churchill famously said “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Compared to the Medicaid “private option,” Russia is a first-grade textbook. Although Senator Sanders gave an extensive talk about the private option, its details … [Read more...]

Medicaid Expansion Carries Hefty Price Tag for Arkansas Taxpayers


There’s been a lot of talk about the wonders of Medicaid expansion from the Arkansas media and from Republican and Democratic policymakers, but there’s been very little attention paid to the real cost. I have previously written that the expansion could cost Arkansans up to an additional $148 million per year. Now, the Heritage Foundation has released a study that shows a more complete picture: As you can see, expansion will cost Arkansas taxpayers a net $665 million through 2022 and will … [Read more...]

Talking Obamacare, Medicaid Expansion With Paul Harrell


Yesterday I went on The Paul Harrell Program for our weekly segment. We spent the duration of the segment discussing Medicaid expansion, The B-S Plan, and how Arkansas can stop Obamacare. You need to hear this: … [Read more...]

The State of Health Care “Reform” in Arkansas

medicaid expansion

Today I went down to the luxurious Capitol cafeteria to hear the Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon speak on the current state of Obamacare implementation in Arkansas. What I learned is that we are dangerously close to becoming part of the Obamacare monstrosity -- but there is hope that the beast can be stopped, and that should be every Arkansan's goal. The answer to stopping Obamacare sounds pretty simple, albeit politically tricky: 1. Don’t expand Medicaid & 2. Don’t create health care … [Read more...]

Do I Hear Cannon in the Distance?

Michael Cannon

What’re you doing tomorrow? If you said anything other than “Going to hear Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon speak about health care policy at the capitol cafeteria,” you’re doing it wrong. Cannon (yeah, that guy who told us about the death panels) is a national expert on the effects of Obamacare and the consequences of health care exchanges. He will be speaking at a luncheon hosted by Americans For Prosperity-Arkansas. Here’s the skinny: WHO: Michael Cannon, Cato Institute WHEN: … [Read more...]

The Best of the Bad Obamacare Options for Arkansas


This morning, the Arkansas Legislative Council voted to reject a motion for separate examination of an $18.4 million grant to set up an Obamacare “partnership” or “hybrid” exchange. 17 Republicans voted to have more discussion on the measure which, for some unknown reason, led left-wing blogger Max Brantley to accuse them of “doing a George Wallace massive resistance on health care reform.” A more sober analysis would note that what appears to be Republicans’ preferred option, choosing a federal … [Read more...]