(Still) MISSING: House Democrats’ Ethics Plan

Leding-Sabin milk carton

Last week, Arkansas House Democrats made a few ripples in the political pond by announcing that they support ethics reform in Arkansas! In fact, they formed an ethics caucus that is “tasked with strengthening their push for ethics reform.” Hooray! Strangely, however, more than a week has gone by -- but not a single Democratic legislator has been willing to go on the record to announce the details of their plan. We have repeatedly attempted to contact two “leaders” of the ethics caucus for … [Read more...]

U of A, Liberal Group Get $1 Million For Obamacare Implementation In Arkansas

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In order for Obamacare to work, the federal government must enroll as many people as possible into it. Part of their enrollment strategy includes the use of “navigators” who will inform Americans about the wonders of Obamacare and guide them into the program. Each state will have their own set of navigators, subsidized by the federal government through local organizations. In Arkansas, Southern United Neighborhoods (SUN) and the University of Arkansas will receive just over $1.04 million for the … [Read more...]

Butch Wilkins Strikes Back!

wilkins strikes back

Apparently Rep. Butch Wilkins wasn’t too pleased with my reporting on his admission that he attended a KKK rally in the ‘60s. Wilkins, once again, took to his Facebook page to explain: In fact, our blog is so poorly known and taken unseriously that our Wilkins story was picked up by The Daily Caller -- where it was their 2nd most-read story of the day -- The Huffington Post, Watchdog.org, and even LGBT News! Indeed, the story was so unread and so uninteresting, it only received over 600 … [Read more...]

Payday: ‘Private Option’ Supporters Getting Thousands From Taxpayers

A design idea for the coming Obamacare vans.

If you watch TV, listen to the radio, or use the internet in Arkansas, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard an advertisement promoting the “Arkansas Health Connector.” It’s very cleverly named and marketed, leaving many Arkansans unaware that the “health connector” is the Arkansas Obamacare insurance exchange. So, why all the ads? Part of the implementation of Obamacare (the “Affordable Care Act”) is a massive, taxpayer-funded public relations offensive. The objective of the offensive … [Read more...]

Bookout Hearing Reveals Two New Potential Violations

bookout counting money

This morning, state Senator Paul Bookout appeared before the Arkansas Ethics Commission to face the music regarding approximately $50,000 of his unitemized campaign expenditures in 2012. Bookout was unopposed in 2012: nonetheless, he spent roughly $27,000 on “entertainment” and close to $9,000 on travel. I spoke with citizen complainant Bob Hester this morning; Hester witnessed the hearing. Hester told me the Commission announced at that hearing that there are three areas of potential … [Read more...]

Ethics Commission to Get the Book Out on State Senator

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Despite the fact that state Senator Paul Bookout didn’t face an opponent in either the primary or general election in 2012, Bookout managed to raise more than $80,000.00 for last year’s campaign. According to his own campaign expense reports, he spent $63,000 of those funds. His campaign reports also show that Bookout choose not to itemize how upwards of $50,000.00 of his expenses were spent. As a result, Bookout will appear before the Arkansas Ethics Commission tomorrow morning, according to … [Read more...]

Mike Beebe: Budgetary Brainiac or Bozo?

Braniac Beebe

Governor Beebe’s speech about Medicaid expansion earlier this week received a remarkable headline from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Beebe: Medicaid a tax issue. Expansion to boost hospitals, businesses, lawyers told.” In that speech, Beebe told the state Bar Association that the federal government is “expanding Medicaid payments, which hospitals will be the beneficiary of...” How ironic: during the Medicaid expansion debate, the governor told us that expanding Medicaid was about “helping the … [Read more...]

Join Team Freedom!


Last week, the campaign arm of the White House -- “Organizing For Action” -- sent out an email asking folks to “join Team Obamacare!” All you have to do is submit your personal information and they’ll send you a FREE bumper sticker! (Think of the information-submission part as a dry run for what lies ahead.) Assuming you can still afford to drive a car under Obamanomics, that’s a swell deal. Oh, and I forgot to mention that to join “Team Obamacare,” you have to sign a petition that says you like … [Read more...]