Grading the Vote in Arkansas


How easy is it to vote in Arkansas? If you look at a recent report by Common Cause, you might think it’s pretty hard. After all, Common Cause gave Arkansas mixed grades on registration and accessibility. But upon closer examination, Common Cause is apparently using a yardstick that has little or nothing to do with a better voting experience. One of this group’s problems with the Arkansas voting system is that the state should “expand opportunities to vote before Election Day.” Perhaps I’m a … [Read more...]

Demographics Putting The Nail in Dems’ Electoral Coffin


With another day comes another national news article showing just how much of an uphill climb the 2014 elections will be for Democrats statewide. From the New York Times: When Mr. Pryor first won his Senate seat, the five fast-growing Republican-leaning metropolitan counties held 19.9 percent of the state’s population. They now hold 25.6 percent of it. Democratic-leaning counties where Mr. Pryor received at least 60 percent of the vote now represent just 21.5 percent of the population, … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor’s No Good, Very Bad Day

Tornado - Pryor Camp Attack Ad

It seems like just yesterday Mark Pryor staffers and supporters were all excited about a new campaign video regarding Tom Cotton and disaster relief. To me, it seemed a tad cynical to use storm victims as props for a political ad, but I figured maybe I was just being overly sensitive. However, it never occurred to me that at least one of the owners of the damaged property featured in the video was not okay with his property being featured in the ad. But today we found out that’s exactly … [Read more...]

The Q.T. On Voter ID


Some of the specifics of the Arkansas voter ID cases are a little difficult to follow, so I thought I’d lay out some of the basics for our readers. 1. A central question in voter ID litigation is: is the statute constitutional? A related question is: will the courts find the statute constitutional? (Some people would say that, since the courts get to say what is constitutional, these two questions are really the same.) Last week, Judge Tim Fox found that Arkansas’s voter ID law was … [Read more...]

LIVE Jonesboro Special Senate Election Coverage

arkansas election results

Greetings Arkansas Project readers! I'm in Jonesboro following the special Senate election results that will be trickling in this evening. For live updates, you can follow along on my Twitter feed (@nhhorton) and on our Facebook Page. Also, if you're free from 4:00-6:00 p.m., I'll be co-hosting The Paul Harrell Program. You can listen in live via Ustream: Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]

It Got Better For John Cooper

arkansas election results

The preliminary results for the Jonesboro state senate primary suggest that John Cooper received just a few more votes than Dan Sullivan for the Republican nomination. Each of them received around 37% of the Republican vote and will take each other on in the Republican runoff. Radius Baker and Steve Rockwell will do the same in the Democratic runoff. Chad Niell's contributions to this race will be remembered as well. Early in the race, Niell wrote Cooper a personal note suggesting that Cooper … [Read more...]

Court Finds Wisconsin Voter ID Law Constitutional

Wisconsin's reformer Governor Scott Walker

As you probably know, the Arkansas legislature passed a voter ID law during the recent legislative session. The law requires voters to show a photo ID when casting their ballot. If they do not have one, one will be provided for them by the state. Many on the Left have decried these types of reasonable election reforms for years, claiming they are attempts at “voter suppression.” Such claims are groundless for several reasons. The Arkansas Times has routinely resorted to this kind of … [Read more...]

On the Arkansas Times, Part I


One of the legislature’s most praiseworthy achievements this session was passing a “voter ID” bill. If you read the unsigned article in this week’s Arkansas Times, though, you’ll see a very different perspective on voter ID. Indeed, the Times explained: Republicans say the new law will protect the integrity of our elections; some may believe that. But there's no evidence of substantial in-person voter fraud, the only kind prevented by the new law. There is plenty of evidence, however, that this … [Read more...]