The Conservative Roots of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

Unlike some left-wing outfits, we won’t waste your time this Thanksgiving lecturing you about how to talk about politics with your family. However, we did want to share a classic article on the free-market origins of Thanksgiving. From FreedomWorks: Plantation leaders showed their immense lack of knowledge regarding basic economic principles. Plymouth County Governor William Bradford wrote that, “the taking away of property, and bringing in community into a common wealth, would make them … [Read more...]

Why Arkansas, and America, Needs Tax Reform


Now that the election is over, it’s time to think about what all these people who will be representing us should actually do once they get sworn into office in Little Rock or Washington, D.C. One of the state’s, and nation’s, most urgent needs is tax reform. The state tax code and the federal tax code are riddled with inefficient tax expenditures, too many brackets, and high marginal tax rates. It’s time to change that. Arkansas saw some tax relief from the 2013 legislative session. The .1% … [Read more...]

Free Trade Agreements Benefit Arkansas


“I like free trade, but those free trade agreements are something else entirely.” I’ve often found that those who agree with the case for free trade are skeptical about free trade agreements. Indeed, at a general level, just about all knowledgeable people acknowledge the clear benefits of free trade: consumers have access to lower-cost and higher-quality goods, our economy grows, businesses are more efficient, and there’s more innovation in the marketplace. But some people argue that … [Read more...]

Free Your Mind and the Trade Will Follow


Buy American.  Sounds good, right? I have nothing against buying American products. But the sentiment behind this phrase is that it’s bad to buy something made in a foreign country. The people who usually utter this seem to think that buying from foreign businesses costs jobs or hurts our economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, free trade is good for us. Trade between countries makes our economy strong. It is especially important to Arkansas’s economy. According to … [Read more...]

Expert: Arkansas “Headed In Wrong Direction” On Worker Freedom

Dean Stansel (ACRE)

Arkansans are “headed in the wrong direction” for low-wage worker freedom in Arkansas, an economist said in a speech at an Arkansas Center for Research In Economics event in Conway last night. Dean Stansel (associate professor of economics at Florida Gulf Coast University) said in his speech: It turns out Arkansas is the second most burdensome (occupational licensing) system. They were focused on low-skill that you can get without a college degree. Your state’s voters … [Read more...]

Join Us Next Friday!

E-Vite (November 21)

The Advance Arkansas Institute will host a luncheon -- entitled “Three Big Ideas” -- on Friday, November 21, in Little Rock. During our luncheon, three experts will provide a brief outline of changes in federal policy that would advance America: Professor Phil Oliver of the UALR-Bowen Law School, business owner Rachael Cox, and AAI president Dan Greenberg. Our speakers will focus on tax reform, immigration reform and free trade. You should come! The first 50 people to register get a … [Read more...]

Issue 1: A Check On Regulators

Issue 1

Arkansas voters can check and balance overregulation at the state level if Issue 1 is approved by voters. Issue 1 allows voters to amend the state Constitution. In the words of the ballot title, it would ensure: That administrative rules promulgated by a state agency shall not become effective until reviewed and approved by the legislative committee charged by law with the review of administrative rules under subdivision (a)(1) of this section. This change would allow the state … [Read more...]

Pryor Brags About Job-Killing “Toy Safety” Bill (Plus: More McLean Monitoring)


Mark Pryor listed his work on “toy safety” in Monday’s debate as one of his biggest accomplishments during his tenure in the Senate. Of course, readers of The Arkansas Project already knew that Pryor’s “toy safety” legislation was just another example of big-government regulation in search of an imaginary problem. Overlawyered, a national legal blog that also covered the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, wrote about our work earlier this week. From Overlawyered: Readers who … [Read more...]