McLean Desperately Attempting To Save O’Care In AR

McLean (Obamacare)

As loyal readers of this humble blog know, state Rep. James McLean, inaugural member of the Davy Carter wing of the Democratic Party, has been having more attendance troubles at the legislature in 2014 than I had with my 8 a.m. Women’s History class my senior year of college. He’s missed 14 out of 19 education committee meetings that he was supposed to chair in 2014. A .263 batting average might be acceptable in baseball, but it isn’t so great for a committee chairman. However, one issue … [Read more...]

Issue 3 Terribly Unpopular With Voters

Term Limits (Low Support)

We wrote recently about the disdain certain state legislators have for ordinary Arkansans who don’t think weakening term limits through Issue 3 is such a swell idea. According to recent polling from Talk Business, voters are seeing this issue for what it really is: an attack on term limits. From Talk Business: We have polled two of the measures on the ballot previously and the results from this survey suggest stability in Arkansans’ attitudes on them. In an April survey, the multi-part … [Read more...]

Pryor Campaign Evicted from UAMS

arkansas news

We aren’t able to make it to Mark Pryor’s Ebola press conference today; from what we’ve read about it, we assume he’ll try to ride piggy-back on the presence and views of actual experts. Presumably, this is solely an appearance by Mark Pryor in his capacity as a public servant, not as a candidate; surely UAMS wouldn’t lend its imprimatur to some sort of headline-grabbing, campaign stunt, devoted to today’s hot issue, less than three weeks before an election. We hope Pryor will provide … [Read more...]

Voting Against Weakened Term Limits Doesn’t Make You a Nut


Yesterday the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette featured an interesting quote from state Senator Jon Woods about Issue 3, a constitutional amendment that would greatly weaken term limits. Woods said in Arkansas Online: We got some individuals in the Republican Party that passed a resolution on a Saturday when everyone else was with their family, and it does not reflect the entire Republican Party. It does not reflect all Republicans. You just have a couple of nuts that got together on a Saturday … [Read more...]

Last Week’s Desperate Political Attacks: A Brief Review


Now that election season has arrived, the scent of desperation in the latest attacks on Republican candidates is becoming increasingly apparent. If you want to see this desperation catalogued, you can take a look at Max Brantley’s regular contributions to the Arkansas Times’ blog, which have recently functioned as a kind of flea market for bottom-tier campaign attacks. In the past few days, I knew that Brantley’s peculiar aggregation of attacks reminded me of something, but I couldn’t figure out … [Read more...]

Media Swings And Misses On Rutledge E-mail Non-Story


Some eager journalists thought they’d gotten a major scoop yesterday after the state Department of Human Services (DHS) released the emails of attorney general candidate Leslie Rutledge that she wrote during her 14 months as a DHS lawyer. One of the e-mails released contained this bombshell: A pregnant woman, no matter what age, should have the right to an abortion without parental notification anyway — we shouldn't allow wacko religious parents to force a young woman to carry to term a … [Read more...]

House Speaker More Loyal to Obamacare than Political Party


In the course of tweeting the finer points of the Miss America pageant Sunday night, Speaker of the House (and alleged Republican) Davy Carter apparently thought it would be a good time to endorse James McLean, a Democrat, in his race against Republican candidate, Linda Collins-Smith. I e-mailed Carter to see if this was an official endorsement, but I never heard back from him. Carter’s statement is one of many examples that show how private option architects are becoming increasingly … [Read more...]

Arkansas’s Republican Future


Fred Barnes just published a fascinating article in the Weekly Standard about the collapse of the Democratic Party in Arkansas. He visited Arkansas last week and interviewed (and quoted) a lot of smart, perceptive people. He also talked to me. One interesting thing about Barnes’s piece is that it lets the facts speak for themselves. He draws attention to the timeline of the erosion and disappearance of our state legislature’s Democratic majority, which began two years after President Obama … [Read more...]