No, Federal Bureaucrats Don’t Need Machine Guns

Demilitarization Act (Good Idea _1)

The statement that “Democracy means that if the doorbell rings in the early hours, it is likely to be the milkman” is often credited to Winston Churchill. In America in 2014, however, that doorbell is too likely to be rung by a federal bureaucrat leading a SWAT team to raid your property. Of course, in a California case in 2011, the Department of Education’s SWAT team (yes, you read that right) wasn’t even courteous enough to knock: From National Review: The proliferation of paramilitary … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor’s No Good, Very Bad Day

Tornado - Pryor Camp Attack Ad

It seems like just yesterday Mark Pryor staffers and supporters were all excited about a new campaign video regarding Tom Cotton and disaster relief. To me, it seemed a tad cynical to use storm victims as props for a political ad, but I figured maybe I was just being overly sensitive. However, it never occurred to me that at least one of the owners of the damaged property featured in the video was not okay with his property being featured in the ad. But today we found out that’s exactly … [Read more...]

Flippo Defeats Burris In Senate Runoff, Rutledge Advances To General Election


We'll have more tomorrow on the results of tonight's state Republican runoff elections, but I wanted to pass along these vote totals before calling it a night: In Senate District 17, businessman Scott Flippo defeated Rep. John Burris by roughly 200 votes In the Attorney General runoff, Leslie Rutledge defeated David Sterling by roughly 18% Rutledge will face Democrat Rep. Nate Steel and Libertarian Aaron Cash in the fall. Flippo is unopposed in the fall; he will be the next senator … [Read more...]

Primary Runoff Day Is Here


Results for the primary runoffs -- such as the GOP nomination for State Senate District 17 (State Rep. John Burris vs. Scott Flippo) and Attorney General (Leslie Rutledge vs. David Sterling) -- will be announced tonight. If you haven’t already voted, maybe you should: your vote will matter more in a runoff election, when voter turnout is dramatically lower, than during primary and general elections. The Burris/Flippo race will likely be a close one, with wide-ranging implications for the future … [Read more...]

The Future Of The Obamacare “Private” Option: DOA In The Senate?


After Tuesday night’s election results, the future of the Obamacare “private” option appears even shakier. That's because the anti-PO caucus was successful at moving one of their leaders from the House to the Senate; this could roadblock the PO in the 2015 session. As I reported yesterday, Rep. Terry Rice was successful in his bid to unseat incumbent Senator Bruce Holland in District 9. Rice has been a strong, consistent opponent of the “private” option since its inception. Holland, on the … [Read more...]

Tuesday Night’s Best Performances

arkansas election results

Last night was a big night for a lot of Republican candidates across the state. There were plenty of surprises and even some upsets. No doubt there are lots of implications for the Obamacare “private” option moving forward, which we will be analyzing in the days and weeks ahead. But for now, here’s a look at some of the biggest winners around the state. First, a look at some big legislative wins and impressive performances: Rep. Terry Rice soundly defeated incumbent Senator Bruce Holland … [Read more...]

Election Coverage, Tonight On Twitter


The big day is finally here: it’s primary day in Arkansas. If you haven’t voted yet, you definitely should. All the cool kids are doing it. And besides, there are an unprecedented number of Republican primaries happening around the state: there are four state Senate primaries and multiple House primaries. Statewide, primaries are underway for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, auditor, and treasurer. There’s also a Republican primary in the Second and Fourth Congressional … [Read more...]

MIA: Senator King’s “Patently False” Statement

Senator David Sanders.

Senator Bryan King has been an outspoken opponent of the Obamacare “private” option in the legislature. But while Arkansas’s state lawmaking body is out of session, King is taking his message to other states, warning them about the enormous costs and inflexibility of the program. Last week, King penned a letter to Utah lawmakers, urging them to resist the the lure of the Medicaid carrot that’s being waved by the Obama administration. You can read the full letter here, but here’s one of the … [Read more...]