New Report Highlights Candidates’ Positions On Policy


I know many of you have been relying on The Arkansas Project for news and analysis of the ongoing GOP legislative primaries around the state. While I’ve been conducting interviews with candidates, my colleague Dan Greenberg over at AAI has been helping to compile a comprehensive report that highlights where candidates stand on many more policy issues. (Well, at least it highlights where candidates are willing to say they stand.) This survey was conducted by Commerce In Action. They sent a … [Read more...]

Oh Look, Another Obamacare Delay!

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A little late to the game here -- and there may be another delay before I even finish writing this piece -- but would you believe that there was another Obamacare delay last week? This time, President Obama is (shockingly) pushing more mandates past the next election. According to CNBC, this recent delay will allow folks to keep their plans for an additional two years, even if they don’t meet Obamacare’s new “minimum standards,” if their states allow it. Which is weird, because I’m pretty sure … [Read more...]

So, Who Authorized Those Fat Raises For State Department Heads?

Mike Beebe can make it rain money -- we just have to say "yes."

I wrote last week about Senator Alan Clark’s discovery that 49 state agency heads have received substantial raises -- as much as $18,300 in some cases. Clark said he didn’t know who had authorized the raises. Now we know. Liberal bloggers -- for example, David Ramsey at the Arkansas Times -- were quick to dismiss Clark’s discovery as a non-scandal because, according to their investigations, Clark had actually authorized the raises himself because he voted for several of the appropriations bills … [Read more...]

Taxpayers Spent $166K+ To Defend Bill Walker

bill walker

When I first joined The Arkansas Project (back in the good old days when Arkansas Republicans opposed Obamacare implementation and were storming the capitol to cut taxes and limit government), one of the first big stories I chronicled was an employment scandal. Bill Walker, head of the state’s Department of Career Education, had hired an unqualified interpreter, Clara Taylor. Ms. Taylor’s hiring led to an extensive investigation by the Office of Personnel Management, thanks to the hard work of … [Read more...]

Well, The ‘Private Option’ Is In Trouble

nervous mike beebe

Earlier in the week, State Rep. Ann Clemmer announced her candidacy for Congress. During remarks after her announcement, Clemmer told reporters: I think that with everything that has gone on in D.C., my expectation is there will be no immediate implementation of the private option. Because there are too many unknowns in D.C., I think the whole thing may be frozen.” Clemmer attributed the delay rumors to State Senator David Sanders, an architect of the “private option.” But Sanders was quick … [Read more...]

The Blue Hog Gets Another Grilling


As our regular readers will recall, Matt Campbell frequently discovers ethics problems that do not actually exist. That’s not to say that he’s always off target: as a lawyer, he’s a hell of an investigative journalist. But his political enthusiasm often outpaces his legal analysis. For instance, he recently announced that he had discovered a state employee doing political work on state time because (cue dramatic music) he had discovered that this state employee had emailed several newspaper … [Read more...]

POLL: Pryor Approval At 34%, Cotton And Asa! Lead


The University of Arkansas has released their 15th annual Arkansas Poll. The results spell bad news for our friend Senator Mark Pryor. In the poll, Pryor gains the approval of only 34% of “very likely voters.” For some perspective: the year before her re-election bid, former Senator Blanche Lincoln fared nearly a full ten points better than Pryor. As you probably remember, she went on to be blown out by now-Senator John Boozman. Other interesting results from the poll: In a … [Read more...]

Beebe’s “Non-Starter” Wish List Becomes Starter For Some GOP Legislators


Yesterday, I wrote about Governor Beebe’s redistribution plan for Arkansas school funding. As part of that story, I shared several mass emails from and to Republican legislators that revealed their thinking on this issue (many are upset with the plan, to say the least). Perhaps as a result of my story, last night I received even more emails that more clearly demonstrate the divide in the GOP caucus -- as well as the evolving nature of the debate over the imminent special session’s … [Read more...]