Jerry Cox Weighs In On Pro-Life Developments!

jerry cox

Two bills of significant impact took steps forward in the legislative process at the state capitol today: one is Rep. Andy Mayberry's "fetal pain bill" which cleared the House Public Health Committee today. The other is Senator Jason Rapert's "heartbeat bill" which passed the full Senate today by a vote of 28-6. What do these bills actually say? Will they become law? What will their impact be on public policy in Arkansas if they do become law? These are the types of questions I asked Mr. … [Read more...]

Senator Rapert Presents “Heartbeat Bill”

Senator Jason Rapert presented his "heartbeat bill" before the Senate Public Health Committee this morning. Essentially, the bill would outlaw abortions in Arkansas after a fetal heartbeat is detected. I didn't have a great seat for filming -- and my camera's memory filled up right as the discussion got really good -- but here are a few video snippets: You can read the heartbeat bill, SB134, here. … [Read more...]

Todd Akin: The Arkansas Angle

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, nominee for the 2012 Worst Misunderstanding of Reproductive Biology Award.

After Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s regrettable statement on Sunday, that “the female body” has a biological response to rape that typically blocks pregnancy,  observers of Arkansas political history were probably experiencing déjà vu. In 1998, Arkansas Senate candidate Fay Boozman expressed a similar view: namely, that the rush of adrenaline created by the anxiety of rape or incest would make conception unlikely to occur. (Although it was widely misreported that Dr. Boozman had used … [Read more...]