Arkansas Governor’s Race: Who Loves Teachers The Most?

Asa: Holder OK with me for AG

You were probably too busy enjoying Arkansas’s one day of spring over the weekend to notice, but former Congressman Mike Ross “won” the endorsement of the Arkansas Education Association in his bid for governor. This endorsement led to a kerfuffle between Ross and Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson. Let me bring you up to speed. As news leaked of Ross’s AEA endorsement, the Hutchinson camp issued a statement saying Ross is “out of touch with Arkansas,” drawing a connection between the AEA and … [Read more...]

Mike Ross Voted To Not Let You Keep Your Insurance Plan (If You Liked It)

Mike Ross celebrating with former Congressman Anthony Weiner after Obamacare cleared House committee.

Millions of Americans are losing their health insurance because their existing plans do not meet Obamacare's minimum standard requirements. The Heritage Foundation estimates that 1.5 million Americans have already lost their plans; but the American Enterprise Institute is now estimating that as many as 100 million Americans could lose their insurance when a second wave of cancellations hits next fall. The real tragedy is all of this could have been avoided. Sure, Congress could've declined to … [Read more...]

Memo To GOP Legislators: We Tried To Warn You


Back during the debate over Medicaid expansion (which lawmakers attempted to rebrand as "the private option"), this blog, in conjunction with the Advance Arkansas Institute, cautioned conservative lawmakers. We told them that if they collaborated with liberals by implementing Obamacare, that would take the issue off the table in the 2014 election. That's not to say that policy decisions should be purely political. They should ideally be based on the merits: what's in the best interest of the … [Read more...]

POLL: Pryor Approval At 34%, Cotton And Asa! Lead


The University of Arkansas has released their 15th annual Arkansas Poll. The results spell bad news for our friend Senator Mark Pryor. In the poll, Pryor gains the approval of only 34% of “very likely voters.” For some perspective: the year before her re-election bid, former Senator Blanche Lincoln fared nearly a full ten points better than Pryor. As you probably remember, she went on to be blown out by now-Senator John Boozman. Other interesting results from the poll: In a … [Read more...]

Mike Ross Admits He Was An Architect Of Obamacare


This morning, I posted a six-second clip of former Congressman Mike Ross saying if he had not voted for Obamacare in committee, it wouldn’t have become law. I emphasized in my initial post that the six-second clip provided no context for the remarks -- and added that if someone could supply a longer video, I would be happy to post it. Shortly thereafter, it was given to me, and I was happy to post it. While the new video doesn’t provide complete context (we don’t hear the question Ross is … [Read more...]

Halter Exits Governor’s Race, As Predicted

This might need some updating. Thank you ASU Young Democrats for the photo!

It’s been said that predictions are hard to make, especially about the future. But as we’ve learned, some people are better at making predictions than others. A few months back, I got a tip that former Lt. Gov. Bill Halter would be exiting the governor’s race, possibly to pursue a congressional race against Congressman Tim Griffin. My source was good, but wished to remain unnamed and I was covered up with other leads at the time, so I simply tweeted it as a rumor and moved on. Bud Jackson, (now … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Speaks to Arkansas Media

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was in town today to kickoff the A+ Arkansas education rally. Afterwards, he spoke with reporters. Below is a little video I snagged of the Q&A. He had some very interesting things to say, including some comments about the 2014 gubernatorial race (sorry for the poor audio quality -- if you makes you feel any better, I was standing right there and could barely hear): … [Read more...]

More About Dustin McDaniel’s Extra Curricular Activities!

McD meme 3

Well, here's your weekly dose of The Paul Harrell Program, featuring yours truly. We spent our segment this week talking about Attorney General Dustin MacDaddy Daniel and his affair with a Hot Springs attorney. What are the political ramifications for MacDaddy going forward? Will the text messages be released? Are there other shoes to drop?  Check out the audio below, beginning around the 1:05:00 mark, for opinions on these questions and much, much more: Video streaming by … [Read more...]