Barber Nabbed on DWI

Brandon Barber

Brandon Barber

Get ready, because The Arkansas Project is about to go all “Smoking Gun” on your ass: It appears there’s more trouble for Northwest Arkansas bad boy real estate mogul Brandon Barber, who was reportedly picked up on a DWI charge in Fayetteville last night. Here’s the link to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office page with the arrest info, kindly passed along by a reader.

It’s not Barber’s first DWI — he was picked up in Sept. 2006 after he ran over some mailboxes and crashed into a utility pole, according to this Morning News of NWA report from last year.

Last month, the real estate hotshot’s company declared bankruptcy, which The Arkansas Project covered here. Arkansas Business has more on Barber’s business wheelings and dealings here.


  1. I think we should use taxpayer dollars to bail him out. In more ways that one.

  2. I think people who end up in the unfortunate situation of having to get a mugshot should take a cue from Tom Delay, in his mugshot he is smiling all bright eyed and bushy tailed like an innocent little bunny.

  3. David Kinkade says:

    Good point, Insider. And really, by mug shot standards, Barber’s is pretty flattering.

  4. Good point Insider. I have a suit pressed and ready to go in my car in case of such instances!

  5. Yes, Barber is definitely better than most. Glad to see didn’t take any notes from Arizona beauty queen, Kumari Fulbright.

  6. David Kinkade says:

    Jesus, Insider, you really should have slapped a “Warning: May Cause Nightmares” disclaimer on that last link.

  7. “…who knew Real Estate could be this sexy!…” Nice going bro.

  8. Well, looks like inherited money, failed real estate dealings that should have never been agreed to in the first place, and booze don’t quite mix.

  9. chuck laminack says:

    The world is small and big and tall , you better pay me or ye shall fall…

  10. Guess that is what Happened to you Mr. Laminack, because we know all the people you have scammed and owe money to. You use and betray your own family to put yourself on top- or should I say try??? You can run all you want but your past will catch up with you-You can pretend all you want to be something you are not, but the truth will prevail Mr. Laminack-

  11. Chuck Laminack says:

    To leave such substandard information without a name?? Your words are ill-considered and infelicitous, I love all of my family .My heart and my magnanimity has covered alot of this earth .I only hope that your eyes may be open to the truth one day rather than after the day of your own self constructed demise.God bless you.

  12. Then pay all the people you took from the money you owe them! We know in your eyes, everyone stole from you- you have twisted and turned it all to be poor ole’ Chuck Laminack- You do not fool us or God- you may Love your family, but that does not mean you have not used them for your benefit, Mr. Laminack. We hope your eyes are opened before you self destruct anymore than you have. Or before you hurt anyone else! You have only covered this earth with your greed- who are you trying to impress with your big dictionary words- What is your education beyond High School????? Con school???? In a look into your background, we see you have filed many lawsuits…………….

  13. One last word Mr. Laminack, after further searching into your past, we find you have entered into many business ventures, in varies states, some in which you tried the lawsuit road or threaten of. We have also found a few x-employers that confirm your shady past. You should not try to bring others down, when if you looked in the mirror, you would see yourself in them——–YOur court records do not look much better-

  14. Who the hell are you people, and why are you conducting an argument in the comments section of a year-old blog post?