Arkansas’ Republican Future


Fred Barnes just published a fascinating article in the Weekly Standard about the collapse of the Democratic Party in Arkansas. He visited Arkansas last week and interviewed (and quoted) a lot of smart, perceptive people. He also talked to me. One interesting thing about Barnes’s piece is that it lets the facts speak for themselves. He draws attention to the timeline of the erosion and disappearance of our state legislature’s Democratic majority, which began two years after President Obama … [Read more...]

Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day! – a day that always reminds me of Maya Angelou’s maxim, “Nothing will work unless you do.” A few weeks ago, the right to work took a big step forward in Arkansas. You might remember that, earlier this summer, an Arkansas businesswoman – hair braider Nivea Earl – sued the state of Arkansas over its excessive licensing requirements. The state’s response: Arkansas just folded, allowing hair braiders to do their work, free of the heavy hand of government, at least for a few … [Read more...]

This Week’s McDaniel Scandal


A few days ago, David Koon published an excellent article in the Arkansas Times on the Gyronne Buckley scandal – which is to say, the scandalous response of Arkansas public officials to the injuries its agents inflicted on Buckley. (The state Claims Commission found that Buckley was the victim of fabricated evidence from a corrupt cop; Buckley served over a decade behind bars before the state Supreme Court determined in 2010 that he had been subject to an unfair trial, which ultimately led to … [Read more...]

The Latest “Private Option” Broken Promise: Counterfeit Medical Savings Accounts


Less than a week after Nic Horton left the Arkansas Project, he’s back on our site! Well, sort of. Horton is now affiliated with the Foundation for Government Accountability, and he coauthored their newest article at “Arkansas Private Option’s Latest Boondoggle: Health Independence Accounts" Increase Dependence and Increase Costs.”  As the article recounts, the “Private Option’s” health savings accounts, which were supposed to be the “heart and soul” of Medicaid reform, are an … [Read more...]

New Developments Reveal That U of A’s “Intellectual Property Rights” To Clinton Recordings Are Wholly Imaginary

Carolyn Henderson Allen is "completely neutral," according to Carolyn Henderson Allen.

You might recall our story last week about the intemperate letter that University of Arkansas library dean Carolyn Henderson Allen sent to the Washington Free Beacon. That letter told the Beacon: you must “cease and desist your ongoing violation of the intellectual property rights of the University of Arkansas.” Allen didn’t like the fact that the Beacon had quoted some materials from the archives without filling out the proper “Permission to Publish Request Form”; she therefore demanded that … [Read more...]

A Note On Cullen Vs. Wynne For Supreme Court


In the past, I don’t know that enough people have paid attention to the race for a Supreme Court judgeship between Tim Cullen and Robin Wynne. This last week, I think just about everybody learned that Tim Cullen is the better man. The “Law Enforcement Alliance of America,” an advocacy group which refuses to disclose its leadership, is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television ads which accuse Tim Cullen of representing a criminal defendant on appeal. I’ve never represented … [Read more...]

The Q.T. On Voter ID


Some of the specifics of the Arkansas voter ID cases are a little difficult to follow, so I thought I’d lay out some of the basics for our readers. 1. A central question in voter ID litigation is: is the statute constitutional? A related question is: will the courts find the statute constitutional? (Some people would say that, since the courts get to say what is constitutional, these two questions are really the same.) Last week, Judge Tim Fox found that Arkansas’s voter ID law was … [Read more...]

Barry Haas: ACLU Plaintiff Gone Wild! (Video)


I was startled to read this recent interview with Barry Haas. Haas is one of the four plaintiffs in the ACLU’s lawsuit against Act 595 of 2013, which requires Arkansas voters to show ID at the polls. I appreciate that the integrity of the ballot is an emotional issue – and that it sometimes causes people to make intemperate statements – but with respect to the accuracy of Haas’s statements, he could have aimed higher. Haas explained during his interview that voter impersonation was … [Read more...]