Steve Stephens On The Arkansas Judiciary


Jackson “Steve” Stephens is a political powerhouse. He is chairman of the board of the Club for Growth – an organization that has been tremendously successful in forcing Republicans in Congress to stick to principles of lower taxes and limited government. Stephens was also the plaintiff in a recent lawsuit which attempted to block the statewide vote to hike the minimum wage. Shortly after the Supreme Court rejected Stephens’ suit to block the initiative, he responded with a statement ending with … [Read more...]

New Poll: EPA Regs Extremely Unpopular with Arkansas Voters


The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations are not popular among Arkansas voters, according to data released today by the Partnership for a Better Energy Future (PBEF). The EPA is proposing that, in the next 15 years, states must cut greenhouse gas emissions nationwide by 30 percent below 2005 levels. Arkansas would have to cut emissions statewide by 44.5 percent if the EPA is to reach its overall goal - making our electricity supply less diverse, less reliable, … [Read more...]

Announcing: AAI’s New App


The newest project from the Advance Arkansas Institute gives you extraordinary knowledge about the workings of the Arkansas General Assembly. Our new iPhone app (also usable on the iPad) gives you all kinds of data on the voting records of those currently serving in the Arkansas legislature. You can look up the voting records of any Arkansas legislator, and you'll also get 15 different, individualized ratings for each legislator. The app brings you the data from our Arkansas Freedom Scorecard – … [Read more...]

Mike Ross, Ingrate

Mike Ross (Koch Money)

Mike Ross made a curious statement recently when speaking at a Democratic Party meeting in Howard County. Mike Ross said: Let me just tell you, this election is not about me; it’s not about the Democrats. This election is about the future of this state. It’s about the people in this state and it’s about who’s going to be a voice for the voiceless. Who’s going to stand up and fight for the folks that don’t have the Koch brothers on their side? That’s what this election is about. Bashing … [Read more...]

The State Supreme Court’s (Literally) Peculiar Decision

Voter ID (Peculiar)

Late yesterday afternoon, our state’s Supreme Court struck down the voter ID law that the Arkansas General Assembly passed last year. It is, in many respects, a very unusual decision. In Martin v. Kohls, a majority of Justices determined that Act 595 of 2013 would add an additional (and impermissible) requirement to vote: Act 595’s added requirement of providing a proof of identity as a prerequisite to voting runs afoul of article 3, section 1, of the Arkansas Constitution. Section 1 of … [Read more...]

Larry Crane, Vote Suppressor


Perhaps you have read about the conflict between Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane and attorney general candidate Leslie Rutledge. As you’re probably aware, Crane is a Democrat and Rutledge is a Republican. I think Larry Crane has exhibited a large mistake in judgment; because of my opinion on that, I wanted to take measures to let him explain his side of things. I have done so, at length, immediately below; following that, I’ve also explained what I believe to be the rest of the … [Read more...]

My Favorite Proposal to Amend the Constitution


Earlier this week, we had guest commentary from Michael Farris and Nick Dranias on Article V reform. We hear lots and lots of talk about how we need to amend the federal Constitution. I have lots of friends tell me how important it is to have a Balanced Budget Amendment and a congressional term limits amendment. I agree. But I think it’s probably just as important – and maybe more so – to limit the immense power of federal regulators by constitutional amendment. One reason for that is that at … [Read more...]

Introducing “Article V 2.0”: The Compact for a Balanced Budget


After we ran our piece yesterday about Mike Farris’s appearances in Arkansas next week, it occurred to me that we ought to make it clear that Farris’s approach to Article V activism isn’t the only path to federal constitutional reform. The following is a guest editorial from Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute, who presents his own take on Article V strategies below.   Introduction What if the states could advance and ratify a powerful federal balanced budget amendment in just … [Read more...]