AAI Releases “Action Plan for Arkansas”

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here — and no, it’s not the next Twilight movie: Advance Arkansas Institute has released their “Action Plan for Arkansas” in electronic format. All you have to do to read AAI’s fantastic ideas for improving Arkansas’ government and economy is simply clicking here. It’s that easy!

AAI has compiled an extensive, detailed list of policy recommendations for the 2013 session that will move our state towards lower taxes, free markets, limited government, and more personal freedom. I do not believe that any organization in Arkansas has ever supplied such a complete, user-friendly set of conservative policy recommendations to the state legislature. This book contains roughly 25 chapters, each of which explains to legislators how an important limited-government public policy idea could be written into law and implemented.

Copies of the Action Plan for Arkansas will be distributed to all 135 incoming state legislators shortly.

Get your FREE digital copy here: Action Plan for Arkansas.


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